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Nicholas Allyn Post

Nicolas Allyn Post

No warrants
No Justice
it was almost 4 years ago.
The family is just now having the fight in them to reopen it. You can go to, put in his name Nicholas Allyn Post. Make sure you set the date back to 2017. The arrest report is in there. It explains in detail what she told police and his response. Trigger warning.

They held him for 33 days then released him after they failed to file formal charges indicating “lack of evidence” to the parents knowledge DNA was never tested. Since then they got info of his jailhouse conversations, and prior incidents with CPS in Wisconsin from when he was either 16-19 years old assaulting his cousins. Nothing was done but would help if the case is reopened.
Now lets blast this sorry sack of …. nationwide. And I dare you to come at us like you came at her mom for exposing you.
You deserve to be under the prison. Look at this beautiful young lady. How could you?
Get ready for the ride of your life buddy. She is one of us now. Makes her family to us. More bikers than you ever wanted to piss off.

# justiceforkenni #bikersagainstabuseinternational #florida

James William Higginbotham

Meet James William Higginbotham

James has been charged with Felony Child Molestation in Henry County.

Prior to his arrest we had the opportunity to speak with his soon to be ex-wife and her son. They were and are still devistated that a man they trusted and loved could commit such horrible criminal acts. When I tell you mom and son are wonderful people I truly mean that in the most sincere way.

The son is coping and will overcome this through time, counseling and prayers.

We would like to extend our gratitude to Henry County Law Enforcement all the investigators and the courts.
To my members, thank you for taking your time to put in countless hours of research, effort and pursuing justice. Quinn, thank you for dropping everything on a moments notice to come with me on the crisis response.

It is truly sad that its the ones we trust and love the most could be the evilest person out there.

We will continue to follow this case and support this family.

As for you James, you can rot away in prison for eternity for your sick demented actions.

Buddy Hampton Salisbury North Carolina Deputy Abusing his Canine Partner

Police Cam Video of Abuse by Buddy Hampton

Meet Buddy Hampton a k9 officer with the Salisbury Police Department. Buddy is in this video slamming his dog into the patrol vehicle, smacking the dog.
Heres the worst part. Chief Jerry Stokes held a press conference saying the k9 was checked out and fine. However Lazy 5 Vets have not seen the dog.
Buddy you are no better than those you arrest. Your a disgrace to the badge, to those who uphold the law. Your a dispicable human being. Not only do you need to be fired you need to go to prison.
We are going to help with the prison part and our followers are going to help your video and your name go so viral you will never own not even a mosquito.

Phillip Norman / Jessica Miranda Coffee

Update: 2 Arrests have been made. The baby has 27 fractures and bone injuries. This is absolutely sickening! How anyone could do something so inhumane to a 2 month old child.
Phillip Norman – charged with cruelty to children first degree
Jessica Miranda Coffey – charged with cruelty to children first degree

Photos by – The Herald Gazette –

Imagine if you will a 6’2 and 240 lbs. man vs a 2 month old child.
This is breaking now but we will have a name and further details soon.
This is absolutely sickening and disgraceful.
Praying for the baby who was badly beaten and suffered multiple broken bones.

Karen Kristina Lee


Manchester Georgia, Greenville Georgia, Lagrange Georgia, Warm Springs Georgia,
Meriwether County, Pike County, Upson County

Missing / Endangered

Karen Kristina Lee

Karen Kristina Lee
White Female
31 years of age
Height 5’ 5”
Weight 100 lbs.
unknown clothing description

Lee was Last Seen in the area of 18000 block of Roosevelt Hwy, Greenville, Georgia on or around January 15, 2021 leaving a residence that she had recently relocated to from the State of Florida. Lee reportedly left in an unknown direction of travel with destination unknown. Karen Lee was reported missing to the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office on January 26, 2021 and has been placed on G.C.I.C. as a Missing Person. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Lee, please call 911 or Meriwether County S.O. Investigator Mike Sarno at (706) 672-6675 or Sgt. Carl White at (706) 672-6651. The Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the publics help in locating Karen

If you have ever visited Greenville Georgia or know of it, this is a very uncommon circumstance. Yes, it has popped on our radar for abuse and molestation cases but so has every other city and county. This however is quite concerning to us. This woman did not just vanish into thin air. Please, if you know anything and even if you believe it has no relevancy give us a call or text or email. The least little detail could be the most crucial. We will never share your name. Come forward please.
(470) 633-5632
all tips are confidential and anonymous

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Jory Worthen – In Custody

Jory Worthen

June 2019, Worthen would viciously murder 20 year old Alyssa Cannon and 4 year old Braydon Ponder in Arkansas. One year and four months later, Worthen was arrested in California.

One can only imagine the relief these families felt knowing justice will finally be served.

No one truly knew if Worthen was alive or dead for 16 months. Many, inclusive of myself believed he was. How wrong was I ? I am glad that he is not dead. That would have been the easy way out. For the heinous crimes he committed he needs to rot in prison for the remainder of his life.

Many people, from all walks of life, came together to share his photos, Email, text and phone in tips from all of the country and some from out of the country.

How he stayed on the run so long is beyond me. It is my belief someone was definitely helping him. We must now pray that whomever that someone was will also be brought to justice.

Jory Worthen

Who in their right mind would side with a man so vicious to take the lives of two innocent people? Two people with a whole life ahead of them.

No words could ever possibly calm the hurt that these families go through daily. Hopefully though Worthen being in custody will help a little.

Alyssa Cannon
Braydon Ponder
Braydon Ponder & Alyssa Cannon

Rest in Peace Braydon and Alyssa .


Makayla Jordan 470-633-5632 all tips are confidential and anonymous

Missing Endangered Samantha Jordan Atlanta Georgia

Samantha Jordan

HEADS UP – Georgia Statewide
Missing / Endangered
Samantha Ruth Jordan
30 Years Old
5’8” Height
150 lbs
Brown Hair
Brown Eyes
Last Seen – Athens Georgia on August 1, 2020 470-633-5632
all tips are confidential and anonymous

Gmaya Adams FOUND SAFE October 3, 2020 Jonesboro Georgia

Missing Endangered Floyd Dziedzic / Richardson Jr – Georgia

Floyd Dziedzic Missing
Missing Endangered
Floyd Dziedzic with Floyd Richardson (suspect)
Rachel Dziedzic (suspect)
Stock image of vehicle
Floyd Dziedzic Missing Endangered
Post from NCMEC
Rachel Dziedzic legs from Floyd Richardson
Floyd Richardson (suspect)
text message
Floyd Richardson Threats
Floyd Richardson Threat video 2


Floyd Richardson Jr.
DOB 12/28/15
(picture below)

Rachel Dziedzic
DOB 4/2/89
(picture below)

Rachel and Baby Floyd May be traveling with: Floyd Richardson
DOB 3/22/92
(picture below)

Vehicle Description:
White 2002 Ford explorer sport 4 door short bed.
Possible Tags ruw2782 or rkz9056. The Latter tag was caught on camera on the 21st in Lithonia Georgia.
{stock photo of similar vehicle uploaded}

They have ties to including but not limited to Chicago, Tennessee, Lamar county Georgia, Spalding County Georgia, Upson County Georgia, Dekalb County Georgia.
Last sighting was Lithonia Georgia.

If you spot these people DO NOT APPROACH – Richardson is Armed and to be comsidered dangerous.
(470) 633-5632

all tips are confidential and anonymous

Floyd Sr. says hes a good dad, hes not violent and not on drugs. Well we have a different opinion from an abusive photo, a home testing positive for meth and cocaine, texts of him wanting to buy them and a video of him threatening people that are looking for Jr. Dont take our word for it here is the video above

Dear Miss Rachel,
Please stop pranking our tip line from your voice over IP phone numbers stating that you in third person do not have the child. We know you do and were closing in on you. People whom you thought were your friends are feeding us very valuable information on you and your little fiasco.
Make the right choice and turn the child over to law enforcement. The longer you run the more charges will build up. You will have your day in court. Do what is right and turn yourself in. If for nothing else for the childs sake.


Amos Lamar Goram Sex Offender IN CUSTODY

Facebook Link

Heads up Moultrie Georgia – IN CUSTODY

Amos Lamar Goram has active arrest warrants.
1) Failure to register as a sex offender
2) Violation of Probation
With additional charges pending.

Amos is the one who had the missing teenager in Moultrie.
He has a past of child molestation amongst other charges.
If you know anything regarding the location of Amos Goram please contact us immediately
All tips are confidential and anonymous

FOUND SAFE 5/7/20 0955 am

Heads up Chicago Illinois
Missing from Griffin Georgia and Fayetteville Georgia.

We have confirmation from law enforcement that they were recently located in Chicago Illinois.

They are somewhere in that area. We do not have a vehicle description.

Cheyanne Chastain
Isaiah Chastain
Nijah Smith
Hailee Poloski
are traveling together

We will continue to update as more information becomes available





Madison Boyanton – Yukon Oklahoma – Babysitting Abuse

Meet Madison Boyanton from Yukon Oklahoma. Madison is not your average babysitter. Don’t take our word for it though. The family of the child had surveillance in the child’s room. Everything that happened in the room was captured. We don’t know what if any abuse happened in any other areas of the residence. This case came to our attention today and we will be pushing for an arrest and full prosecution against Madison for her actions.

YouTube link

Has Madison babysat your child? If so we want to hear from you.

Jennifer Sahr – Arrested – Baby Boy Horry Case

UPDATE 5 p.m.:
Sahr has been taken into custody by members of the US Marshals Carolina Regional Fugitive Task Force.

Thank you to the community members and law enforcement partners who have assisted with this case.


Jennifer Sahr, formerly Rickel, 32, of Pensacola, Florida, faces one charge of homicide by child abuse in connection with the 2008 death of Baby Boy Horry.

The newborn child who became known as Baby Boy Horry was found by utility workers on Dec. 4, 2008, in a wooded area off of Highway 544 outside of Conway.

He had been wrapped in a tote bag and placed inside of a box. An autopsy showed that, when the child was placed outside, it was a viable infant.

The latest development in the case comes after scientific evidence provided HCPD with a new lead in the investigation. The State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) has confirmed that Sahr is the biological mother of the child.

Community members with information regarding Sahr’s whereabouts are asked to contact HCPD at 843-915-8477.

Please, for the sake of all who care about Baby Boy Horry, keep comments focused on locating the suspect and peacefully resolving this case.

Gannon Stauch Mother Arrested

The Sheriff’s Office will be holding a press conference today at noon at Centennial Hall, located at 200 S. Cascade Avenue, in Colorado Springs to announce a major development in the Gannon Stauch case.
Bikers Against Abuse International will be streaming the press conference live on our Facebook page.

The Stepmom of Gannon Stauch has been arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder. 11-year-old Gannon was last seen at his home on Jan. 27, 2020
EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. — Letecia Stauch, the stepmother of Gannon Stauch, has been arrested in connection with the disappearance of the 11-year-old El Paso County boy who has not been seen since Jan. 27.

Letecia was arrested in South Carolina on suspicion of first-degree murder and will have to be extradited to Colorado to face charges. The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office announced on Twitter that a press conference is planned for noon to announce a “major development.”

Letecia Stauch told investigators she last saw Gannon at his home in Lorson Ranch between 3:15 p.m. and 4 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 27. She told the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office (EPCSO) Gannon said he was going to a friend’s house. No one has seen him since.

However, on that same day, a neighbor captured surveillance video, which appears to show Gannon getting into a truck. The neighbor disclosed that the truck belongs to Letecia Stauch. Investigators with EPCSO haven’t commented on the video except to say it’s part of their investigation.

Evelio Espinoza-Erazo Wanted Sex Crimes Against a Child TEXAS

HOUSTON – A man is on the run — wanted for Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child, Aggravated Kidnapping, and Aggravated Robbery with a Deadly Weapon.

Crime Stoppers and the Houston Police Department’s Special Victims Division are asking for the public’s help in finding fugitive Evelio Espinoza-Erazo.

Espinoza-Erazo, 32, is described as a Hispanic male, approximately 5’4”, 160 lbs., with brown eyes and brown hair.

Houston police received an Aggravated Sexual Assault call on June 30, 2018. During the investigation, detectives learned the child victim was kidnapped, robbed and sexually assaulted by fugitive Espinoza-Erazo.

On December 13, 2019, Espinoza-Erazo was charged with Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child, Aggravated Kidnapping, and Aggravated Robbery Deadly Weapon under Harris County warrants.
Crime Stoppers may pay up to $5,000 for information leading to the identification, charging and/or arrest of Espinoza-Erazo.

Information may be reported by calling 713-222-TIPS (8477), submitted online at or through the Crime Stoppers mobile app.


FARMERS BRANCH, Texas – An Amber Alert was issued for two children who were abducted when someone stole a vehicle they were inside.


Preston, 5, and Princess, 4, Scarlett were reported missing at 3:30 p.m. Sunday, when the 2017 GMC Terrain they were in was stolen while the driver was checking their mail at 4000 Sigma Road.

Anyone with information is asked to call 911 or 972-919-1406.

Missing Endangered Search Rescue Alert Tennessee

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is requesting the public assistance with locating a missing person
Tiffany Trull
148 lbs
She was last wearing blue jeans a blue long sleeve shirt and a white hoodie
Her vehicle was located on the UT campus in Knoxville on Alcoa Hwy. If you see Tiffany contact 911 or the Jefferson County Central Dispatch at 865-475-6855

Missing Elderly Ms Jo Greer – GEORGIA

From Sheriff Dix – Update on Ms Jo Greer
PLEASE SHARE THIS UPDATE: This afternoon the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Spalding County Sheriffs Office were contacted by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. Mrs. Greer’s vehicle has been located on a road in rural Wilkes County. It appears that the vehicle left the roadway and became stuck in a ditch. DNR responded their air unit and the area was searched by air and with K-9 units on foot. They have gone door to door in the area in an attempt to build a time frame and gather further information. At this time Mrs. Greer has not been located. The search will resume in the morning in the area where the vehicle was found. Her vehicle has been taken to the Wilkes County Sheriffs Office for storage and processing by the GBI. Now is the time for everyone to maintain hope, keep faith, and pray for Mrs. Greer and her family for her safe return.

Car recovered in Ditch Wilkes county Georgia

Jeremy Mann Tuscaloosa Alabama Online Sex Predator Exposed

Via our YouTube page click here

Meet 27 year old Jeremy Mann. Mann enjoys speaking with 14 year old girls. He goes so far as to ask for sex and even for marriage and to impregnate her. What Mann did not know was he has actually been talking to a decoy. Mann was told to send pictures picking his nose and to make a w over his mouth so we could prove it was actually him. That way he can not say he was hacked.

So Alabama keep a lookout for this guy he’s dangerous and he is a pervert

If you have had dealings with Mann we want to hear from you all calls are confidential and anonymous

1 Year Old Battling Cancer Robbed

The family of a 1-year-old girl battling cancer is begging the person who stole their child’s medical records to return them.

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Hailey Holder was in Atlanta for an oncology meeting early Wednesday morning, but when her parents got to their car, they found everything they left inside missing. 11Alive talked to the family on their way to yet another hospital visit. The family said they were in Atlanta after an overnight chemo visit for their daughter and just wanted to get some sleep before her next appointment. They parked at the Sheraton downtown and when they got up this morning, their back window was busted.

“This is our back window, the girl’s car seat was right here in this seat. Our windows are tinted so it was all black glass, the entire window was missing. Her carseat was filled with black glass,” said Hailey Allen. She called police as soon as they came downstairs.

“It’s just heartbreaking. We have a little girl fighting for her life, and we’ve been in the hospital so many times,” she said.
The thieves took her daughter’s cancer diary, where the family has cataloged every step of their journey.

“Her date of birth is on there. You can tell she is 1 and a half years old. Who would take that stuff,” she asked. They also stole Hailey Holder’s medication and the beads of courage she collects every time she completes a treatment.

“Every poke, every scan, every chemo. There’s no telling how many of those are missing. And those are really sentimental, they’re representative of our journey,” she said. The mom said her government laptop and her husband’s Nintendo switch were also stolen. She said the officer who took the report asked her why she kept valuables in her car.

“We are two extremely sleep deprived parents, trying to get a 1-year-old through chemo. And you just never think someone is going to break in to your car and take stuff,” she said. Her husband had a GPS tracking device in his backpack and they were able to follow the signal to a house south of Atlanta, near the airport.

“And an older gentleman opened the door and he refused to wake up his son. He said his son had just gotten home from work and he wasn’t going to wake him up. And in his son’s car in the driveway, there was a hatchet in the floorboard,” she said.
While South Fulton County Police responded to the scene, they told the family they couldn’t go in without a search warrant, and they should go home. A spokesman for the department said they would be following up with the officer and supervisor to determine what happened.

“We have enough bad everyday. That it would be really nice for someone to just take a moment’s pause to think about how this is affecting us and our daughter and return our thing,” she said. The Allen Family is not interested in pressing charges, they don’t want money back for the busted window, they just want their daughter’s medical records and beads of courage back.

Bikers Against Abuse International would like to extend thanks to Kaitlyn Ross for covering this story.

Dekalb County Alabama – 2 Children Found Safe

Dekalb County Alabama FOUND SAFE

13-year-olds Kace Bailey & Malakai Stallings HAVE BEEN FOUND SAFE

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Daniel Peggs – Sex Trafficking – Arrest – School Superintendent

Daniel Peggs, a school superintendent in western Wisconsin faces federal charges of sex trafficking of a minor and production of child pornography. A federal grand jury indicted Altoona school Superintendent Daniel Peggs last week. Altoona school board President Robin Elvig stated that the 32-year-old Peggs was arrested Thursday morning on his way to school. The indictment alleges that Peggs recruited an underage female for a commercial sex act and used an iPhone to produce a video of child pornography. The U.S. attorney for the Western District of Wisconsin says the alleged conduct does not involve a student from the Altoona district.

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If your child has had any contact with Peggs we encourage you to speak with them immediately.

Evelyn Boswell – Tennessee Amber Alert


Evelyn Mae Boswell Join the Facebook Discussion

Megan (Maggie) Boswell the mother of Evelyn Boswell was taken into custody on 2/25/2020

Reward up to $56,000
Ex-boyfriend and his dad just put up 10,000 each
Reward up to $36,000

Sullivan County Sheriff Jeff Cassidy – $1,000
Alan Levine – $5,000
Ballad Health – $25,000
Fuller Paving Group – $2,000
Indian Springs Armory – $500
Storage Source One Self-Storage-$2,500
Evelyn was reported missing earlier this week. On Friday, Sheriff Jeff Cassidy announced in a press conference he was donating his own money and starting a reward fund. Ballad Health and CEO Alan Levine along with Fuller Paving Group followed shortly with their own contributions to the fund.

On Saturday, the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office announced Indian Springs Armory and Storage Source One Self-Storage have also contributed to the reward fund.

If you have any information on where Evelyn may be, contact the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office or the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Update: our friends at WYCB just sent this to us to confirm the arrest

Update: Our Friends at WCYB have been in contact with the Sheriffs office and there will not be a press conference tonight

As of 1605 hrs 2 Arrests Have Been Made
They found the bmw and arrested the grandma and her boyfriend in NC


Officials at Ballad Health have said they will be adding to the reward in the search for missing 15-month-old Evelyn Boswell, the infant at the center of an ongoing AMBER Alert. Ballad Health CEO Alan Levine said he will be donating $5,000 to the reward.
Ballad Health and Niswonger Children’s Hospital will also be donating $25,000. That brings Ballad’s total contribution to $30,000.

Boswell says she didn’t contact police because she thought the person who took her daughter would disappear.

“Well the reason I didn’t report it or anything was I knew the person who had her, and I didn’t want them to run away with her,” Boswell said. “And as soon as they thought anything was going on they just kinda vanished. So I’m just kinda worried, you know, about where they are at. What they’re doing with her at this point in time.”
She says that Evelyn was with a person she trusted to watch her daughter while she was at work.
But Boswell says she cannot name names.

“In a way I knew that as soon as anything went down this person was going to disappear and they have. And they have tried to find them… They won’t answer phone calls. They just kinda disappeared.”
Boswell tells News 5 she’d do things differently if she is given a second chance.

“Yeah I probably would have called the first day. I should have. But I just didn’t want them to run with her, like they have now.”

In an afternoon press conference, Sullivan County Sheriff Jeff Cassidy said Boswell is involved in the investigation, but he says the information she has given them isn’t accurate. Cassidy said some of the things she has told them does not lead up to the information authorities have checked on.
If you have any information on where Evelyn is, contact the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

AMBER ALERT UPDATE: We now have information that indicates the individuals traveling in a gray 2007 BMW with TN tag 3M9-6W9 have information regarding Evelyn Boswell’s whereabouts. The vehicle has front end damage.
Spot the vehicle or the child? Call 1-800-TBI-FIND.

Update: A discussion group has been set up on this page.

Update: 2/20/2020 1800 hrs

Hunter Woods says he dated the mother of the missing child for a few weeks and never saw the child. Hunter Wood, owner of Hunter T’s Chicken Shack in Blountville, said he dated Megan “Maggie” Boswell for a few weeks in December. Boswell is the mother of 1-year-old Evelyn Boswell, who the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said was last seen around December 26. Wood said he never saw Evelyn in the weeks he dated Boswell.

“All I’ve seen is pictures of her, I’ve never even seen the baby,” he said. “I have no relationship with that child whatsoever.”

Update: There is a FALSE report by a news station. The photo shows Evelyn but she has NOT been found. If you have shared that news report please take it down immediately. Yes a child did fall into a septic tank in Texas and is deceased however it is NOT Evelyn. They have since removed her photo.

What has our entire team absolutely flabbergasted is that none of her friends, relatives nor her has the amber alert posted on their social media pages. If someone finds one let me know but we sure have not found anyone on her side so far with it posted.

A Statewide AMBER Alert has been issued on behalf of the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office for Evelyn Mae Boswell. Evelyn is a 15-month old, white female, 2 ft tall, 28 lbs., with blonde hair and blue eyes. Evelyn was last seen wearing a pink tracksuit, pink shoes, and a pink bow. Evelyn was entered as a missing child on Tuesday February 18, 2020 but was reportedly last seen on December 26, 2019. If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Evelyn, please contact the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office at 423-279-7330 or the TBI at 1-800-TBIFIND

If you have any information concerning the Evelyn, please contact the TBI at 1-800-TBI-FIND (1-800-824-3463). all tips are confidential and anonymous

Evelyn Boswell

Evelyn Mae Boswell
Age: 15 Month
Sex: Female
Race: White
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Height: 2’0″
Weight: 28 lbs

Timeline of the case of missing toddler Evelyn Boswell

Dec. 10-11

Cassidy said Friday he believes Evelyn was last seen on Dec. 10 or 11 by a babysitter.

Dec. 26 

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation originally said Evelyn was reportedly last seen on the day after Christmas.

Feb. 18

The investigation into Evelyn’s disappearance began in the afternoon after her grandfather reported to the Department of Children’s Services that certain family members hadn’t seen her in two months. The case was referred to the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office.

7 p.m. CST on Feb. 19 

The TBI issued an Amber Alert for Evelyn’s case.

Feb. 21

8 a.m. CST: The TBI announced they are looking for a gray 2007 BMW with Tennessee tag 3M9 6W9 because it believed people traveling in the car may have information about Evelyn’s whereabouts.

1 p.m. CST: In a news conference, Cassidy said Evelyn’s parents were participating in the investigation. Her father, Ethan Perry, is in the military and stationed in Louisiana. Her mother, Megan “Maggie” Boswell, has full custody and has provided inaccurate information to authorities, Cassidy said.

Cassidy also announced he is personally offering a $1,000 reward to anyone who gives information that leads to Evelyn’s safe return. He encouraged others to contribute as well. 

Police ask for information

Authorities described Evelyn as standing two feet tall, weighing 28 pounds, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She was last seen wearing a pink tracksuit, pink shoes and a pink bow.

Anyone who sees Evelyn or knows her possible whereabouts should call 911. Anyone with information about the case is asked to call 1-800-824-3463 (TBI-FIND).

The TBI had received about 200 tips by Friday afternoon.

2 New Borns Discovered New Brunswick New Jersey

The bodies of two newborns were found at a New Jersey recycling center. The New Brunswick Police Department Police were called Wednesday morning after the first newborn was found, New Brunswick Today reported. About six hours later, an investigation turned up the remains of a second baby at the same business — Colgate Paper Stock, WABC reported.
Now police are trying to find out if the babies were related, how they died and how old they are, WABC reported.
Autopsies on both babies are pending, My Central Jersey reported.


Heads Up Spalding County – Surrounding Counties, Jurisdictions & Connecting States. GEORGIA STATEWIDE, TENNESSEE STATEWIDE

Jonathon L. Vladimiroff WANTED
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Update: 2/19/2020 1647 hrs. The camper was located in , Tullahoma, TENNESSEE. Suspect is still actively on the run. Camper was stolen from Georgia

Update: 2/19/2020 1644 hrs. It is believed Vladimiroff May have stolen a camper and ditched it in Tennessee. We are currently gaining further details and expanding the search area to include Tennessee.

The Spalding County Sheriffs Office Fugitive Apprehension Division is searching for 32 year old Jonathon L. Vladimiroff. Vladimiroff is wanted for felony aggravated child molestation and felony sodomy.
Anyone with information is asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office at 770-467-4282.

jonathonVladimiroff #bikersagainstabuse

bikersagainstabuseinternational #bikersagainstabusegeorgia #wanted #breaking #trending #bolo


Eleven people have been charged in connection with the death of 10-year-old D.C. girl Makiyah Wilson last year, but one of them continues to evade capture.

U.S. Marshals said Friday that they are increasing the reward for information from $10,000 to $20,000 on suspect Isaiah Murchison.

Murchison was indicted last June on a charge of first-degree murder.

Isaiah Murchison

Wilson was killed in July 2018 when four masked people got out of a stolen black Infiniti SUV on the 300 block of 53rd Street in Northeast and started shooting. She was walking to an ice cream truck and got caught in the crossfire.

The shooting lasted less than 10 seconds, and investigators found 76 shell casings in the Clay Terrace neighborhood from at least four different firearms. Four other people were hurt.

Police believe the shooting was motivated by a grudge between neighboring gangs.

Makiyah Wilson

Several of the defendants are charged with murder, one is charged with obstruction, and all are charged with conspiracy and being a member of an illegal street gang. The U.S. Marshals said in a news release that Murchison is a known member of the Wellington Park crew.

Anyone with information on Murchison should contact D.C. police at (202) 727-9099. Those who want to stay anonymous can send a text to 50411, or submit a tip online at the U.S. Marshals’ tip reporting site. all tips are confidential and anonymous

FOUND SAFE Richard Banahene



Richard Banahene – Found Safe

A 5-year-old boy — taken Sunday morning when the car he was sleeping in was stolen — was found safe after a six-hour search in southwest Houston, according to authorities. A good Samaritan spied the young boy in a bright yellow shirt around 12:30 p.m. near his mother’s stolen vehicle, about a half-mile from the check-cashing business in the 11400 block of Southwest Freeway where police said a suspected car thief took him. The child, Richard Banahene, was wandering around the vehicle, said Carlos Marquez, who was aware of the Amber Alert when he spotted the boy. The suspects were nowhere in sight.

“He looked worried,” Marquez said. “I told him, ‘Get inside the car. I’m going to get you some help.’”

The child’s mother, Ritah Namusubo, 33, spent the morning pacing a parking lot with her 1-year-old son, waiting for investigators to sift through surveillance footage and find her eldest child. She had Richard with her after a 12-hour shift and she stopped by the business around 7:30 a.m. on her way home. Richard was sleeping and she kept the car running because it was chilly, she said.

“I didn’t want to turn the heat off,” Namusubo said.

Police had difficulties finding surveillance footage of the kidnapping. Some cameras were pointed in the wrong direction, while others were fake surveillance systems. Video of another vehicle, a GMC Yukon, was eventually found. Police said it pulled up alongside Namusubo’s car and a passenger got out and into hers, police said.

“I’m not worried about the car — I just want him,” she said at the time. “Have some mercy and drop him off.” When he was found, the mother ran to her son as he sat in the back of a police vehicle. She then ushered him to an ambulance so he could be taken to a hospital as a precaution.
It was not known how long the child had been there. Authorities will continue to look for the two suspects, one who stole the car and the other who was driving the SUV.

Richard Banahene
Issued for: Texas

Missing Since
Feb 16, 2020

Missing From
Houston, TX

Age Now
5 years
Hair Color
Eye Color
40 lbs
He was last seen wearing a yellow polo shirt on top of a black and gray long sleeve shirt, blue jeans and blue and green Sketchers shoes.
Vehicle Information
Make: Toyota
Model: Corolla
Year: 2009
Color: Black
Description: The stolen vehicle is a 2009 Black Toyota Corolla with temporary tags with the number: 57887Y6. The vehicle has tape on the side view mirrors and a dent in the driver?s side door.
License plate: 57887Y6
License state: TX
AMBER Alert – Updated Photograph Texas Center for the Missing has issued a Houston Regional Amber Alert for the Houston Police Department. This morning at approximately 7:30 AM, a car was stolen with 5-year-old, Richard Banahene inside. He is an African-American male (DOB is 4/19/14), he weighs about 40 pounds and is tall for his age. He has black hair and brown eyes, and was last seen wearing a yellow polo shirt on top of a black and gray long sleeve shirt, blue jeans and blue and green Sketchers shoes. The stolen vehicle is a 2009 Black Toyota Corrolla with temporary tags with the number: 57887Y6. The vehicle has tape on the side view mirrors and a dent in the driver’s side door. The vehicle was stolen from a check cashing establishment located in the 11000 block of the Southwest Freeway near West Bellfort. Anyone with information about the child or vehicle is asked to immediately call the Houston Police Department at 713-308-3600.

amberalert #RichardBanahene



Richard Banahene
Issued for: Texas

Missing Since
Feb 16, 2020

Missing From
Houston, TX

Age Now
5 years
Hair Color
Eye Color
40 lbs
He was last seen wearing a yellow polo shirt on top of a black and gray long sleeve shirt, blue jeans and blue and green Sketchers shoes.
Vehicle Information
Make: Toyota
Model: Corolla
Year: 2009
Color: Black
Description: The stolen vehicle is a 2009 Black Toyota Corolla with temporary tags with the number: 57887Y6. The vehicle has tape on the side view mirrors and a dent in the driver?s side door.
License plate: 57887Y6
License state: TX
AMBER Alert – Updated Photograph Texas Center for the Missing has issued a Houston Regional Amber Alert for the Houston Police Department. This morning at approximately 7:30 AM, a car was stolen with 5-year-old, Richard Banahene inside. He is an African-American male (DOB is 4/19/14), he weighs about 40 pounds and is tall for his age. He has black hair and brown eyes, and was last seen wearing a yellow polo shirt on top of a black and gray long sleeve shirt, blue jeans and blue and green Sketchers shoes. The stolen vehicle is a 2009 Black Toyota Corrolla with temporary tags with the number: 57887Y6. The vehicle has tape on the side view mirrors and a dent in the driver’s side door. The vehicle was stolen from a check cashing establishment located in the 11000 block of the Southwest Freeway near West Bellfort. Anyone with information about the child or vehicle is asked to immediately call the Houston Police Department at 713-308-3600.

#amberalert #RichardBanahene #bikersagainstabusetexas #bikersagainstabuseinternational

Amber Alert Cancelled Found Deceased Milwaukee Wisconsin

UPDATE 2/16/20 — The bodies of two missing girls and their mother have been found after an Amber Alert was issued Saturday and canceled Sunday.

During a news conference early Sunday afternoon, Milwaukee Police said Amarah Banks, 26, was declared missing on February 9th. 

While investigating, police discovered that Zaniya Ivery, 5, and Cameria Banks, 4, were also missing.

Police then said they were contacted by law enforcement in Memphis, Tennessee, who said they had information on the father, Arzel Ivery, 25, who was last seen with all Amarah and the girls.

Milwaukee Police then traveled to Memphis, where Ivery was able to lead them to the garage where the three bodies were found. 

At this time, it’s unknown who the home and garage belong to.

Police are also unsure of the cause of death for all three victims. 

Ivery was arrested in connection with the case and a felony aggravated battery charge was filed against him Saturday. 

Police say homicide charges were expected to be filed against Ivery, who was in custody in Memphis, Tennessee. 

The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office was called to the scene Sunday and said autopsies were scheduled for Monday. 

Check back for more information as it becomes available.

ORIGINAL POST 2/15/20 — Your help is needed to find two missing children from Milwaukee who were last seen at 1 a.m. on Saturday, February eighth. 

According to the Wisconsin Crime Alert Network, Zaniya Ivery, 5, and Cameria Banks, 4, were last seen Saturday, Februray 8, at 1 a.m. with their mother, Amarah Banks, 26, at 5904 Sherman Boulevard.

Officials say the children, along with their mother, are believed to be missing under suspicious circumstances. 

All three were last believed to be with Arzel Ivery, 25, who is already in custody. 

Cameria, who is 2’5 and weighs about 50 pounds, was last seen wearing a blue coat with stars, a Lion King long sleeve shirt with her brother’s face, white pants, and white Nike Air Force One shoes. 

Zaniya, who is also 2’5 and weighs about 50 pounds, didn’t have a clothing description for when she was last seen.

In addition, their vehicle, a 2006 blue-green Saturn Vue with a Wisconsin license plate number of AHG-5167, has been found.

If you have any information on where they may be, you’re asked to contact Milwaukee Police at 414-935-7405.

Active Amber Alert

Cameria Banks (4 years),
Zaniya Ivery (5 years)
Last seen Feb 8, 2020 in Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee Police are asking for the public’s help in locating the following 2 missing children, Cameria BANKS and Zaniya R. IVERY who were last seen together with their mother, Amarah J. BANKS on Saturday, February 8, 2020 at 1:00 AM at 5904 N Sherman Blvd. Amarah BANKS, Cameria BANKS and Zaniya IVERY are believed to be missing under suspicious circumstances. Amarah BANKS, Cameria BANKS and Zaniya IVERY were last believed to be in the company of Arzel J. IVERY. A. IVERY is already in custody.

Zaniya Ivery
Cameria Banks

If you have information, contact:

Milwaukee Police Department
Call: 414-935-7405
Missing children

Cameria Banks

Age now: 4 years
Sex: Female
Skin: Black
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 2’5″
Weight: 50 lbs
Description: Last seen wearing a blue coat with stars; a Lion King long sleeve shirt with brother’s face “RIP January 24, 2020”; white pants; white Nike Air Force One shoes
Zaniya R. Ivery

Age now: 5 years
Sex: Female
Skin: Black
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 2’5″
Weight: 50 lbs
Description: Last seen wearing a Lion King long sleeve shirt with brother’s face “RIP January 24, 2020”; white pants; white Nike Air Force One shoes.

Companion –
Amarah Banks
Age now: 26 years
Sex: Female
Skin: Black

Amarah Banks

Joshua Johnson – Davenport Florida – Arrested – Child Pornography

Joshua Johnson, you are our #CriminalOfTheDay. Johnson was arrested this past week for over 200 counts of child pornography.

Joshua Johnson #joshuajohnson

“Those who upload and share child pornography are victimizing children over and over again. It is especially concerning when we locate a suspect with this many images, most of which depict very small children being sexually abused. At this time we don’t believe Johnson physically abused a child, but the investigation into that is ongoing.” – Grady Judd, Sheriff

To submit a NCMEC tip to report child sexual exploitation. Reports may be made 24-hours a day, 7 days a week online at

On February 13, 2020, PCSO Computer Crimes detectives obtained a warrant for and arrested 27-year-old Joshua Johnson of Davenport charging him with 200 counts possession of child pornography (enhanced) (F-2). The charges are enhanced because the images/videos met one of the following criteria, per FSS 775.0847:

(a) The offender possesses 10 or more images of any form of child pornography regardless of content; and
(b) The content of at least one image contains one or more of the following:
1. A child who is younger than the age of 5
2. Sadomasochistic abuse involving a child
3. Sexual Battery involving a child
4. Sexual bestiality involving a child
5. Any movie involving a child, regardless of length and regardless of whether the movie contains sound. 

Upon Johnson’s arrest, he told deputies he’s been viewing child pornography from a young age, ever since he received his first computer, and that he is “addicted” to it. The images found on his electronic devices depicted children between the ages of 2-7 years old being sexually abused. all tips are confidential and anonymous

14 Year Female Shot & Killed – Coweta County Georgia – Update 1 in custody

This is an update to our original post regarding 14 year old Haley Adams. A young girls life taken because of some coward ass ghost face gangsters.


COWETA COUNTY, Ga. — Channel 2 Action News has confirmed that five people have been arrested in the shooting death of a 14-year-old girl during a home invasion last week.
Haley Adams was killed Feb. 11 at her Coweta County home. She and her mother had only been living in the home off Bethlehem Church Road for a week, according to Coweta County Sheriff Lenn Wood.
Previously, Adams was living with her grandparents in Macon.
Gunmen stormed into the house at 9:27 p.m. and made demands. Wood said they were looking for the man who owned the home. One of those arrested is the homeowner’s stepbrother.
While her mother was being held in the living room, Adams hid in a closet. Then, investigators say, she went for a BB gun and walked to the front door.
The gunmen fired off several shots, one of which hit Adams in the back. She was rushed to Newnan Piedmont Hospital, where she later died.
Channel 2′s Mark Winne confirmed the arrests from Wood, who said that the suspects are members of the all-white “Ghostface Gangsters” gang.
The sheriff said in a news conference Friday that his office had heard rumblings that the gang had made its way into Coweta County but said this was their first case involving the gang.
William “Billy” Tyree, Kyle Conley, Justin Ramsey, Spencer Wix and Aubrie Brown have all been charged with the murder of Adams, and may face additional charges.
Ramsey and Brown were arrested in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Bikers Against Abuse International would like to thank the Coweta County Sheriffs Office, all law enforcement who aided in the investigation and capture of these low life’s, everyone who provided tips and Channel 2′s Mark Winne for following this case and covering the story.

A suspect believed to be involved in a deadly home invasion that killed a local teenager last week is now behind bars.

Authorities confirmed the arrest of William “Bill” Tyree in the area of Hwy. 278 between Coots Lake and Fairview roads yesterday, according to a Facebook post from the Polk County sheriff’s office.

William Tyree

In surveillance footage taken from last night’s deadly home invasion, suspects are seen pulling into the driveway and then fleeing, where one suspect is seen firing several shots from the car as it pulls away.

Haley Adams
Residence of Shooting

Coweta County investigators say deputies were dispatched to a home on Bethlehem Church Rd. in Grantville Tuesday night around 9:30 p.m.

Video with suspect vehicle

The call was in reference to a 14-year-old girl who’d been shot in the back. 

Three or four suspects broke into the home prior to the shooting. According to witnesses, the suspects were armed, made demands, and fired rounds that struck the girl in the back.

Surveillance video showed the suspects fleeing in a light-colored four-door passenger car. 

Deputies say the girl, identified as Haley Adams, was admitted into surgery at Newnan Piedmont Hospital but she died from her injuries. The girl had recently moved from South Georgia to Coweta County to live with her mother.

Investigators say the home was targeted for a reason but haven’t elaborated. They’re looking for a light-colored four-door passenger car in connection to the fatal shooting.

Here is what Jessica Mitchell has to say regarding people commenting on these murderers in their defense

Hyper linked to her Facebook

This case is still being investigated. Anyone with information that could lead to the arrests of the suspects involved is asked to call the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office at 770-253-1502.

Authorities are asking that anyone with information that could lead to the arrest of these subjects should contact the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office at 770-253-1502. all tips are confidential and anonymous

Faye Marie Swetlik – 6 yrs Old – Found Deceased – South Carolina – Her Killer Monitors Facebook Group

Yes you read the headline correctly! Fayes killer was monitoring a Facebook group while the search to find Faye was in process. People are always getting annoyed with us because we don’t share certain case details. This is proof as to exactly why we initiated such protocol.

Coty Taylor #cotytaylor

Bikers Against Abuse International has received confirmation that Faye Marie Swetlik has been found deceased. 2/13/2020. Please lift up prayers for this beautiful child. We will continue to update.

Press Conference Regarding Discovery and Confirmation of Body

911 Call to Report Faye Missing

One day after police found the body of missing 6-year-old Faye Swetlik, investigators answered many pressing questions.

They identified the man who was found dead on the same day they found her body, and connected the cases.

Investigators were able to find her body after going through trash cans in the neighborhood that same morning.

Police found a critical piece of evidence in the trash can of one of Faye’s neighbors. That led them back to a man’s house — the man who was also found dead.

The evidence found was something that was listed on her missing person flyer, police said.

Friday morning, the coroner identified the man who died as Coty Scott Taylor, 30, of 602 Picadilly Square in the Churchill Heights neighborhood.

That’s less than 500 feet from where Faye lived with her mother on Londonderry Square.

While her body was located in a wooded area of the neighborhood, near one of the entrances, Taylor’s body was found in his home, police said.

Police said they did not think Faye’s body had been in the location where they found her for very long.

Police did not share Taylor’s cause of death. An autopsy for both Faye and Taylor is scheduled for Saturday.

Taylor was a neighbor of Faye’s — not a relative or any kind of a friend, police said.

Investigators said they had been at Taylor’s house during the search for Faye, before finding them both dead. Police had talked to him and searched inside his home, they said.

“This is not the outcome we wanted,” Sgt. Evan Antley, of the Cayce Department of Public Safety, said. “Our work continues to bring justice for Faye Marie Swetlik.”

Investigators want to know more about Taylor. They want to know where he was around the time Faye was last seen, and what he was doing during the days that Faye was missing.

Taylor had no criminal history and was not known to law enforcement, police said. 

A Beaufort County School District official confirmed that Taylor attended Bluffton High School from 2003-2007 and graduated in 2007. According to the school district, Taylor had good academic standings and no disciplinary record.

Antley said the case has been hard for everyone involved.

“Possibly the toughest day for many law enforcement careers,” he said.

They are investigating both Faye’s homicide and the man’s death as the same case. They said they are not looking for a person of interest and no arrests have been made in Faye’s death.

Faye disappeared while playing in her front yard after school on Monday. Her body was found in a wooded area of her Cayce, South Carolina neighborhood on Thursday morning.

CAYCE, S.C. Police are seeking information on two vehicles in connection to the disappearance of a 6-year-old girl.

On Wednesday night, the Cayce Department of Public Safety released images of two vehicles they are hoping the public can help them identify in connection to missing 6-year-old Faye Marie Swetlik.

Authorities say the drivers may have information related to the investigation.

According to Cayce Department of Public Safety officials, the two vehicles were in the neighborhood during the time Swetlik was last seen.

Investigators said they have yet to interview the occupants of the vehicles.

Earlier in the day, authorities in Cayce discouraged people following the investigation from spreading rumors that could “potentially divert valuable resources” from search efforts.

Cayce Public Safety Department Sgt. Evan Antley said multiple agencies have worked tirelessly around the clock since Swetlik went missing.

“Talking with everyone who was in Churchill Heights at the time Faye was last seen is an important part of our work to bring her home,” CDPS authorities said.

“This morning and into this afternoon, you’ll see a continued law enforcement presence in the Churchill Heights neighborhood, as well as the surrounding area,” he said.

Authorities released new surveillance footage of Swetlik exiting her school bus Monday afternoon. She was last seen at about 3:45 p.m. Monday. Her family called 911 about an hour later after realizing they had lost track of her and couldn’t locate her.

The investigation remains focused in the neighborhood where Swetlik lives and the home she shares with her mother and grandmother. Antley said people who do not live in the neighborhood are being asked to stay away so that authorities can conduct their investigation.

Authorities towed two cars from the property where Swetlik lives, but Antley declined to comment on those vehicles. Antley said police dogs were also brought in to as part of the search.

The search area expanded beyond a one-mile radius from the Swetlik home to move east toward Charleston Highway in West Columbia, he said.

Investigators describe 6-year-old as ‘bubbly, energetic first grader: ‘Everybody loves Faye’

Cayce Department of Public Safety Byron Snellgrove said at a Tuesday afternoon news conference that Swetlik’s mother was home at the time her daughter disappeared. While authorities say there has been no evidence found that the child was abducted, they have not ruled out any possibility.

“Faye is a bubbly, energetic first grader at Springdale Elementary School,” Snellgrove said at Tuesday’s news conference. “Faye’s teacher loves her. Faye’s SRO loves her. Faye’s classmates love her. When she walks into her room she brightens it up. Everybody loves Faye.”

“If they weren’t there Monday, then, then the questions we’re asking them don’t pertain to them,” Antley said. “We’re asking people that are living in a neighborhood that do business in that neighborhood, we want to know what they know. We don’t want to have to worry about everyone else coming through there that’s not a part of this investigation.”

The FBI joined area law enforcement Tuesday afternoon at the request of the Cayce Department of Public Safety.

“We invited the FBI,” Snellgrove said. “Any missing child is extremely important to us as well as the FBI. They already had agents in the area. They came and started assisting us almost immediately.”

Snellgrove said the child’s mother, her mother’s boyfriend and the child’s father have all been cooperating with investigators.

Snellgrove urged residents to hold on to a hotline number set up to accept leads in Swetlik’s disappearance. That number is 803-205-4444.

He also asked any residents of the Churchill Heights neighborhood where she vanished to call if they have any surveillance footage from security or doorbell cameras.

The last time Swetlik was seen, she was wearing a black shirt with the word Peace across the front of it, he said. Authorities say she was also wearing a floral print skirt and polka dot rain boots. Swetlik has strawberry blonde hair that is near shoulder length and blue eyes. She’s 3-foot-10-inches tall and weighs about 65 pounds. Officials said she has a speech impediment and is lactose intolerant. all tips are confidential and anonymous

PD Ending The Search For Abducted Newborn

Yes you read it right…. We are absolutely outraged about this

Andrew Caballeiro

Two weeks after a Florida newborn disappeared, police say they are no longer actively searching for the child. 

Andrew Caballeiro has been missing since Jan. 28, 2020

Miami-Dade police said Andrew was a week old when his father, 49-year-old Ernesto Caballeiro, kidnapped him last month.

Police said Ernesto Caballeiro took the child after he killed 40-year-old Arlety García Valdés, 60-year-old Isabel Valdés González and 84-year-old Lina González Licor.

The day after taking the child, he was found dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound north of Tampa.

Miami-Dade police said that there is no longer an active search, meaning K-9s, bloodhounds and helicopters are not being used to look for the boy. 

Police said that if they receive a lead they will go out and resume active search efforts.

This is a newborn and he needs to be found. Any tips no matter how small please submit them to our tip line all tips are confidential and anonymous

Wanted For Armed Robbery – Missouri – Updated

Update 2/13/2020 A fingerprint of one of the suspects has been lifted. Praying it comes back and we can get a name to put with the face of one of the perps in this case

On Sunday February 2, 2020 at 1900 hrs, Allison Roper White was working at Blondies Gaming Center in Creve Coeur, a city located in west St. Louis County, Missouri. 2 people came into Blondies Gaming in Creve Coeur, pulled a gun on her, hit her in the face, picked her up and violently slammed her to the ground and zip tied her wrists.

Over the years, this woman along with her husband have given alot of time, money and energy to the biker community. From B.A.C.A., to Riders with Heart, to Bikers for Ta Ta’s. Now, Allison Roper White and her husband need the biker community’s help. If everybody that gets on 2 wheels will share her posts, the two responsible for the vicious and violent attack on her last Sunday night will get caught and she can finally get some peace.

2 Top Pics have the victim 3 bottom are suspects
Left – victims wrists – right suspects

If anyone has any information, please contact your local police department. All tips can be emailed to Bikers Against Abuse International at or by calling 470-633-5632. All tips are confidential and anonymous.

White is a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a wife. She did not deserve what happened to her. She was violently assaulted and robbed at gun point at the hands of these two on Sunday night February 2nd around 7pm at Blondie’s in Creve Coeur. she was smashed in the face with a gun she was picked up and violently thrown to the ground and she had her hands zip tied so hard to the point of cutting off circulation to both wrists.


It is believed they parked behind Staats in Creve Coeur. That is where they located the victims phone in the woods.
If anyone at the apts or Thorntons, or homes nearby saw a vehicle pull behind the business and park or saw anyone walking that night or earlier in day please speak up.

They recd the most tips yesterday. Camera footage is being reviewed from all available sources. It only takes one person that saw something that didn’t realize it is significant. Anyone that ate pizza at Driftwood or saw cars drive behind them and Blondies or might have seen them walking. Anyone at a Thrift Store or Goodwill that would remember selling them the brown Indiana Jones type hat and maks.

They will do this again to someone else if not caught.


#justicforallie #bikersagainstabuseinternational

Henry County Amber Alert CANCELLED FOUND SAFE

The Amber Alert has been cancelled the children have been found safe.

11-year-old Nathan Boatwright and 9-year-old Kensley Boatwright were reported missing.

The Henry County Police Department is asking for your help to locate two missing children.

Authorities said 11-year-old Nathan Boatwright and 9-year-old Kensley Boatwright were reported missing from Vincent Ave in Stockbridge, Georgia. The two were last seen around 7 p.m. on Tuesday.

Nathan is 5 feet 11 inches tall. He weighs 115 pounds. The 9-year-old has brown eyes and brown hair.

The 11-year-old has blue eyes and red hair. Kensley is 4 feet tall. She weighs 80 pounds

You are asked to contact the Henry County Non-Emergency Dispatch if you have any information concerning their whereabouts. They can be reached at (770) 957-9121.

Jason Griffin – GEORGIA – Sex Offender Released on Bond

FITZGERALD, Ga. Jason Griffin, A man facing numerous child molestation charges in Ben Hill County was released on bond Monday morning.

Jason Griffin

Jason Griffin was charged with 5 counts of child molestation, Aggravated sexual battery, Aggravated Child Molestation

The Ben Hill County Sheriff’s Office said the victim was 2-years-old at the time of the incident and not related to Griffin.

He was released on a $50,000 bond and on special conditions.

Griffin must wear an ankle monitor, have no contact with any minor, other than his own children, and have no contact with the victim or victim’s family.

Now someone please tell me why are we releasing these people on bond? When these people run for office this needs to be a question that must be asked! The police and investigators bust their asses to make a case stick and then he gets a bond, are you kidding me !!

Where is the justice? There is none. Then when someone gets to this guy or if the parents would have beat him or killed him they would be in prison and denied bond. That is not justice that is horse shit! Shame on this Judge!!!!!!!!! And furthermore what makes them think he won’t do it to his own children. Beyond pissed off !

Michael Dean Myers – Violent Sex Offender Released – RIDICULOUS

HIGH POINT, N.C. — Prosecutors say a man accused of violent sex offenses in High Point North Carolina is free to leave jail at any time.

Michael Dean Myers

Police charged 33-year-old Michael Dean Myers with kidnapping, rape and other crimes in 2018. Since then he has been held under a $5.5 million at the High Point Detention Center. Court documents show he attacked four women and one child in High Point

Assistant District Attorney Lori Wickline disclosed that Judge Todd Burke unsecured Myers’ bond Thursday, allowing him to leave jail as long as he promises to attend his September trial.

“There was a speedy trial violation filed by the defense. Judge Burke denied that motion, however, he allowed the bond to be unsecured which allowed the defendant to be released,” she said. Wickline says she has been calling the victims, one who was 14-years-old at the time of the crime, to explain what happened.

“There’s nothing that I can say, or that the office can say to lessen that blow,” she said. “What I do tell victims is that I will fight for them, and we will stand behind them 100 percent.” Court documents show that victims were kidnapped or lured into a van before Myers forced them to perform sex acts. In several cases, he’s accused of choking or hitting the women. Police said that several of the victims were known sex workers.

“This is highly unusual in this type of case to have an unsecured bond, especially when you have this many victims in a case,” Wickline said. She explained Myers’ trial is set to start the week of Sept. 14. She cited scheduling challenges as the reason for the delay.

Wickline said she will also go out into the communities where the attacks allegedly happened and warn people living nearby.

“To let them know to be aware, and to be safe, and to be on the lookout, to let them know he’s out of jail,” she said.

FOX8 tried to reach Judge Burke and Michael Troutman, Myers’s public defender, for comment. As of Friday evening, neither responded.

Myers faces charges for the following:

  • Feb. 23, 2018 — 14-year-old female victim. Myers was charged with first-degree kidnapping, attempted first-degree forcible rape, statutory sex offense with a child under 15, assault by strangulation and robbery with a dangerous weapon.
  • Feb. 24, 2018 — 33-year-old female victim. Myers was charged with 2 counts of second-degree forcible sex offense, 2 counts of first-degree kidnapping and 2 counts of assault on a female.
  • Feb. 25, 2018 — 31-year-old female victim. Myers was charged with first-degree kidnapping, attempted second-degree forcible sex offense and assault on a female.
  • March 25, 2018 — 47-year-old female victim. Myers was charged with second-degree kidnapping and assault on a female.

As an organization created to investigate, assist and comfort victims of these crimes we are absolutely appalled by this decision. Not only have the victims been placed in jeopardy but also the community. The community is in danger because he is free. North Carolina get his photograph out there, get his name out there. This creep is a danger to the community. It is not an if he will reoffend but when he will reoffend. all tips are confidential and anonymous

Please feel free to comment and share !!!!

Jeffrey McGinty – Sentenced – 35 Years for Child Molestation

It is only proper to start this one off by extending a huge thank you to the investigators, district attorney’s and Judge as well as everyone who worked this case behind the scenes. Florida yall rocked it. THANK YOU !

Jeffrey McGinty Arrested

Jeffrey McGinty, a 36-year-old Ocala man pleaded guilty Friday to molesting an 8-year-old girl and was sentenced to 35 years in prison.

Circuit Judge Gary Sanders also labeled Jeffrey McGinty a sexual predator and sentenced him, upon his release from prison, to lifelong probation as a sex offender.

McGinty, who was wearing a jail uniform, stood beside Assistant Public Defender Joshua Woodard, but declined to speak.

Assistant State Attorney Elizabeth White represented the state at the change-of-plea hearing.

In May, Marion County sheriff’s deputies arrested McGinty after a woman reported seeing him in a compromising position with an 8-year-old girl.

The woman told a detective she walked into a bedroom and saw the girl face down on a bed with her pants down. The woman said McGinty was behind the girl with his pants down.

During an interview at Kimberly’s Center for Child Protection, the girl said McGinty had been touching her private area and had shown her pornographic movies on his cellphone, according to an MCSO report.

McGinty was arrested and has been held at the Marion County Jail since then.

Has Jeffrey McGinty had contact with your child in the past? If so we want to hear from you. All tips are confidential and anonymous

New Jersey – Sex Predator BOLO

We received this information from a parent of a teenager. Tips have revealed he was seen on Fulton and Broad Street as well. This is disgusting..he needs to be locked up immediately.

The above is the actual first text message from the suspect. We have omitted the vulgarity

The photo is blocked out. It is a photo of the male genitalia. Other words are also blocked out due to profanity

We need to get this sex offender of the streets. Come on New Jersey get us a name! All tips are confidential and anonymous

Ryan Hatton – Arrested Again


Ryan Hatton

Ryan was arrested tonight for grooming two 12 and a 14 year old.

Ryan is a Reoffender and was caught back in November 2019.

Massive well done and thank you to:

Hunters: J4K and P.E.S.T
Decoys: Diamond, Skye, Star and Neo

3 teams working together to conquer one goal.

Much love to you all !

Amanda Brianne Jones Found Deceased

It is with our deepest regret to report that Amanda was founded deceased today she has gained her Angels wings and has passed peacefully over into the arms of God our prayers are with her mother brother and sisters and father at this time please join with me in prayer I’m sure they are devastated. Rest peacefully in God’s restful arms baby girl.

Amanda Brianne Jones Found Deceased

Pinson Alabama

A woman who was listed on Alabama’s Missing Person Report on Facebook was found dead in a lake in the Pinson area in Jefferson County.

The coroner confirms 28-year-old Amanda Brianne Jones from Pinson was found in the 8400 block of Emerald Lake Drive East at 12:17 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 2.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s office got a report from someone who said they saw a person floating in the lake. Deputies responded.

Amanda Brianne Jones
(Aka Amanda Brianne Henderson)
Age 28
Height 5’9
Weight 143
Eyes Blue
Hair Blue normally blonde
Clothing black pants pull-on’s, black tee shirt long sleeves, black booths, Beige camasol.

Date Missing 1/31/2020
Time last seen 10:15 ish A.M.
SWEENEY HOLLOW Rd highway 79 area Pinson Alabama.
Driving 2007 silver Buick Rondezvous Alabama tag 3857AY1
Has an Alabama wood looking decal and also back window both sides has Alabama decals.

Amanda left home going to the store located at the juntion of Sweeney Hollow Road and Highway 79 Pinson Alabama
She hasn’t been seen since!

Case # 202000009895
Call Law enforcement at 911 or Jefferson county sheriff’s at 205- 325-5900
If seen.

Please share All tips are confidential and anonymous

The Particular Cruelty of Domestic Violence

America’s broken legal system, combined with cultural beliefs about family, pressures women to stay in violent, dangerous marriages.

Domestic violence is like no other crime. It does not happen in a vacuum. It does not happen because someone is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Homes and families are supposed to be sacred territory, the “haven in a heartless world,” as my college sociology teacher drilled into me. This is part of what makes the violence so untenable. It’s violence from someone you know, from someone who claims to love you. It is most often hidden from even one’s closest confidantes, and on many occasions the physical violence is far less damaging than the emotional and verbal violence.

I’ve been studying domestic violence for the better part of the past decade and have interviewed hundreds of people—victims, abusers, and experts in domestic violence— for my book on the topic. I can’t tell you how many abusers I’ve heard bemoaning their inability to stop loving the same women they assaulted so severely it landed them in prison. It is, perhaps, a powerful aphrodisiac, the idea that someone is gripped by love so intensely that he or she is powerless in the face of it.

The messages are insidious and they are consistent. Those messages reverberate when politicians wrangle over reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act, and then fund it so sparingly it’s practically a hiccup in the federal budget. The Office of Violence Against Women has an entire budget of just under $489 million-at present. To give a frame of reference, the entire annual budget for the Department of Justice, which oversees the Office of Violence Against Women, is currently $28 billion.

American culture dictates that children must have a father, that a relationship is the ultimate goal, that family is the bedrock of society, that staying and working out one’s “issues” in private is better than leaving and raising kids as a single mother. As if a home with one adult abusing another adult isn’t broken, as if there are degrees of brokenness.

But victims receive the message to stay in other ways, too. It’s visible when the court system puts them on the defensive, asks them to face a person who might have tried to kill them, a person they know only too well might kill them for real next time. It’s visible in court rulings that give violent perpetrators a mere slap on the wrist, a fine, maybe. A few days in jail after a brutal assault. It’s visible when law enforcement treats domestic violence as a nuisance, a “domestic dispute,” rather than the criminal act that it is.

And, after all of this, people have the audacity to ask why victims stay.

The reality is that many victims are actively and stealthily trying to leave, working within the system that exists and step-by-step, with extreme vigilance, doing everything they can to escape. In so many cases, onlookers mistake what they see from the outside as the victim choosing to stay with an abuser. They fail to recognize a victim who is slowly and carefully leaving, and what leaving actually looks like.

None of this is surprising, given that many societies didn’t recognize domestic violence as wrong for most of human history. Some interpretations of Jewish, Islamic, and Christianreligions have given the husband purview to discipline his wife in more or less the same manner as he might discipline and control any of his other properties, including servants, slaves, and animals. Some of these faiths’ holy texts even gave instructions on the manner of wife beating, such as avoiding direct blows to the face or making sure not to cause lasting injury. In the United States, the Puritans had laws against wife beating, though they were largely symbolic and rarely, if ever, enforced. (I also recognize that men can be victims and women can be perpetrators, and that there are grim statistics of domestic violence in LGBTQ relationships and communities. In general, men remain the overwhelming majority of perpetrators, and women the overwhelming majority of victims by nearly every measure.)

Often, abused wives were believed to have provoked the violence of their husbands—and this belief threads through hundreds of years of literature on domestic violence, infecting nearly everything written about spousal abuse prior to the 1960s and ’70s. On those very rare occasions when a case of private violence did make it to a courtroom, the rulings tended to side in favor of the man so long as the wife’s injuries were not permanent.

Apart from the Puritans’ laws, it’s only been in the past century or so that laws against wife beating have been written in the United States, and even those early states that began writing legislation against spousal abuse in the late 19th century—Alabama, Maryland, Oregon, Delaware, and Massachusetts—rarely enforced their own laws. The founding of the American Society Against the Cruelty of Animals predates laws against cruelty toward one’s wife by several decades. A federal law prohibiting domestic violence wasn’t passed until 1984.

So much of the existing legal precedent around domestic violence in the United States happened very, very recently. It wasn’t until 1984 that Congress finally passed a law that would help women and children who are victims of abuse; it was called the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act, and it helped fund shelters and other resources for victims. Stalking wasn’t identified as a crime until the early 1990s and still today is often not seen for the threat it truly is—not by law enforcement, abusers, or even by the victims actually being stalked, despite the fact that three-quarters of intimate-partner femicide victims in America have been stalked beforehand by partners or ex-partners. A national hotline for victims of domestic violence was not established in this country until 1996.

As I write this, there are still more than a dozen countries where violence against one’s spouse or family member is perfectly legal—which is to say that no specific laws against domestic violence have been written. These include Egypt, Haiti, Latvia, Uzbekistan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, among others. Russia decriminalized any domestic violence that doesn’t result in bodily injury in 2017.

Around this time, three initiatives revolutionized how the U.S. addresses domestic violence. One was the 2003 advent of high risk teams within domestic-violence agencies that try to quantify the dangerousness of any given domestic-violence situation and then build protections around victims. Another was the 2002 opening of the country’s first family-justice center, started in San Diego by a former city attorney named Casey Gwinn; family-justice centers put victim services under one roof—police, attorneys, victim compensation, counseling, education, and dozens of others. And the third was the Lethality Assessment Program, begun in Maryland in 2005 by a former police officer named Dave Sargent, which primarily addressed how law enforcement dealt on-scene with a domestic-violence situation.

It was no mere coincidence that all three of these programs began around the same time. The women’s movement in the 1970s and ’80s had brought battered women to the attention of a nation just beginning to accept the idea of equality. The focus, in those years, was on shelters—building them, funding them, getting abused women away from perpetrators. But in the 1990s, that began to change. Advocates, attorneys, police officers, and judges across the country all told me that two primary events caused this. The first was the O. J. Simpson trial.

For many, Nicole Brown Simpson became the face of a new kind of victim. She was beautiful, wealthy, famous. If it could happen to her, it could happen to anyone. O. J.’s history of violence with her had been known to law enforcement. He’d been arrested, then bailed out, then sentenced to “telephone counseling” by a California judge (after which the case was dropped). Nicole’s 911 tapes allowed listeners into a rare scene: a woman under siege by a man who claimed to love her. The threats, the coercion, the terror—it was all right there. Her murder hurled into the forefront a conversation that advocates had been having for years—that domestic violence could happen anywhere, to anyone. How to reach victims who didn’t reach out to them was one of their biggest problems in those days. But when local papers ran stories about Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, for the first time nearly all of the articles included sidebars with where to go for help. Victims suddenly began to access resources in unprecedented numbers. Calls to domestic-violence hotlines, shelters, and police skyrocketed after the trial. Domestic violence edged its way into the national conversation.

Nicole Simpson’s case also became a rallying cry for victims of color who asked, rightfully, why it took a rich, white, beautiful woman to get the story of domestic-violence homicide out in public view. After all, women of color experienced private violence at the same or even higher levels as white women.

That part of the post-Simpson national conversation is slowly being addressed today in Native American, immigrant, and underprivileged communities on a larger scale than ever before, thanks in part to the second major event that changed how America treats domestic violence: the Violence Against Women Act. VAWA put intimate partner violence before lawmakers who had, until then, seen it as a private family matter, a problem for women rather than the criminal-justice system. It had first been introduced to Congress by then-Senator Joe Biden in 1990, but the bill didn’t pass until the fall of 1994, just months after O. J.’s arrest. (A jury acquitted O.J. of his wife’s murder in October 1995, a year after the bill’s passage.)

Finally, for the first time ever, cities and towns all across the country could get federal funding to address domestic violence in their communities. These funds allowed for targeted trainings of first responders, the creation of advocacy positions, shelters, transitional housing, batterer-intervention classes, and legal training; VAWA funds meant victims no longer had to pay for their own rape kits, and if an abused partner was evicted because of events related to her abuse, she could now receive compensation and assistance; victims with disabilities could find support, as could those in need of legal aid.

These and many other systems and services that address domestic violence today are a direct result of the passage of VAWA. In 1992, then-Senator Biden told the Associated Press, “[Domestic violence] is a hate crime. My objective is to give the woman every opportunity under the law to seek redress, not only criminally but civilly. I want to raise the consciousness of this country that women’s civil rights—their right to be left alone—is in jeopardy.”

VAWA requires reauthorization every five years. The 2013 reauthorization was delayed because many Republican senators and representatives didn’t want the bill to specifically mention same-sex partners, Native Americans living on reservations, or undocumented immigrants who were battered and trying to apply for temporary visas. After heated debates in both the House and Senate, the reauthorization finally passed. The next reauthorization is up for renewal as I write this. It passed the House in April, but still hasn’t passed the Senate. Advocates all across the country that I spoke with feel keenly the tenuousness of their positions and their funding in a political climate with a commander in chief who displays open hostility and sexism toward women, and who has himself been accused of groping and assault by more than a dozen women, as well as sexual assault by his first wife. (She later said she didn’t mean this in a criminal sense, but rather in a sense of having been violated.) Trump kept his staff secretary, a man accused of abuse by two ex-wives, in the White House, until media and outside pressure—and not a moral imperative—forced Rob Porter out. “The consequence of [Trump’s] words and deeds are so profound for women,” Kit Gruelle, a survivor and activist, told me. “We are leaping backwards at an obscene pace.”

I once asked Lynn Rosenthal, the first White House liaison to the Office of Violence Against Women during the Obama administration, a question: If she could do whatever she wanted with whatever money she needed, how would she solve domestic violence? She said she would take a community, study what worked, and then invest everywhere. At the same time, she says, “You can’t look at one little piece of the system and say, ‘Oh, that’s the magic bullet.’ That’s what … people want to do. If we could invest in one thing, what would it be? Well, the answer is, there’s not one thing.” And that’s the whole point: Private violence affects nearly every aspect of modern life in some way, yet the country’s collective failure to treat it as a public health issue demonstrates a stunning lack of understanding about this very pervasiveness.

This article has been adapted from Rachel Louise Snyder’s book No Visible Bruises: What We Don’t Know About Domestic Violence Can Kill Us.

Update on School Threat


It has been determined the threat is not related to the Coffee County School System. The threat is actually out of state and the proper jurisdiction has been notified. The investigative information has been forwarded to that jurisdiction and they are actively following up. In order to not compromise the out of state jurisdiction’s investigation, no other information can be released.


Original Post: Douglas Police are assisting the Coffee County Schools Police during the investigation of a threat to a school. If you have any information regarding this post, please contact Chief Elrod’s office at 912-389-6596 (you may leave a message) or contact our E-911 center at 912-384-7675 and ask to have a Douglas police officer contact you right away. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Actual Message

Please if you know anything come forward ASAP All tips are anonymous and confidential

Sex Trafficking – Modern Day Slavery

As difficult as it is for some people to wrap their hands around the fact that sex trafficking exists, it does. Did you know that sex trafficking is considered a form of modern day slavery? Were you aware that approximately 200 – 400 adolescent girls are sexually exploited each month in Georgia? I am using Georgia as our base for this post because we are based out of Georgia and I am quite familiar with the sex trafficking epidemic in this state. These traffickers sell underage girls for more money than older women. Traffickers usually charge anywhere from $200 to $400 per hour or more. Many assume that only girls are victim to sex trafficking. Such is not the case. Boys and girls can be victims.

Another huge misconception is that these children are placed on the street to be sold. Nothing could be further from correct. With the rise in internet sites, not only on the dark web, it is extremely easy to locate a girl or boy “for sale”. Many have asked me; “well if it is so easy to find them, why does law enforcement not bust them all”? The issue here becomes the amount of these online adds. As well these victims are moved around quite frequently. It is also an issue with masking internet protocol addresses, locations and obtaining warrants. Time is a major factor in apprehending the traffickers as well as rescuing these victims. Law Enforcement has truly stepped up their game over the last decade in combating sex trafficking but the amount of sex trafficked victims over powers the amount of personnel law enforcement agencies can dedicate to the crime.

There is major money to be made in sex trafficking. Yes, some of these traffickers are your run of the mill drug dealers, who are easily caught. Some however are executives making six and seven figures a year. Politicians, lawyers, judges, law enforcement, bankers – you name a career and we can dig you up some names involved in this sick epidemic.

The question then arises of how does someone fall victim to becoming a sex trafficking victim. There are hundreds of scenarios into this issue, I will cover a few of them in this blog post.

Runaway Teens – Back about 10 years ago, I met a lady named Shawna. I was bounty hunting back then and repossessing vehicles. I came across her name on Facebook and her posts peaked my interest. I began to read some of her posts and was taken back, because like most, I had no idea this sort of thing existed in such high volumes. I reached out to her and we had some very lengthy conversations. Before I knew it I joined up with an organization she was at the time involved with. I was assigned my first case in Atlanta. The case involved a runaway teen, who granted was not a sex trafficking victim but if we would not have found her, it was only a matter of time before she would have undoubtedly have become one. She was 13 years old and had been missing for a few weeks. Within three hours of the intake, myself along with my friend John, had traveled to a skate park in Atlanta and within those three hours we were on the phone with the Atlanta Police Department, and she was being returned to her parents.

I thought to myself, wow, that was quick and easy. I however called Shawna and gave her the great news and before we could truly celebrate she gave me another one. This one would not be as easy.

The identity of the next female will also be withheld. Cartersville Georgia is where this next teen ran away from. The actual circumstances behind her running away were never truly explained so I am not going to speculate. What we do know is that she left her home, wound up at a Walmart close by with a female who picked her up. At that Walmart was where she met this “boy” who wasn’t a boy after all and was an adult male. They all smoked some marijuana and drank a few beers before enjoying the night in Atlanta at a club.

This “club” is very well known in Atlanta and the owner of this club has teen nights. The club was a known location, unknown to us at the time, for girls just disappearing. As we were scouring the streets for this runaway, tips led us to this club. John and I showed up at the club and spoke to a few people who were not interested in speaking with us. We reappeared that evening with missing flyers to hand out. We stood on the sidewalk and didn’t harass anyone. Before long a few bouncers came outside and told us that the owner said we were bad for business and asked us to leave. We of course chose to stay. The Police were called by the club and we were asked to leave by them. We walked away and came right back. Mind you we were on the sidewalk, not in the club and just handing out missing flyers, in hope that someone was a return guest and saw her and who she was with. Upon returning we were confronted by some pretty big bouncers. One thing led to another and we left in different shape than we arrived in, to say the least.

This however did not deter us in the least, it basically added fuel to the fire, knowing that this club was definitely involved in more than music and dancing. We sent in one of our friends the next night to see what was going on inside this club. Upon her exiting, we learned that people were walking around with eye drop bottles filled with liquid ecstasy. Also other drugs were readily available for sale in the club. Opportunities to “hang out” were presented and invitations to after hours parties at different places were offered.

The next day we drove by some of these places. Two were within minutes of a college, one was at a extremely high priced hotel, some were in normal appearing subdivisions. Granted, parties can be held everywhere but these were not your ordinary parties. These were places where you would think your going to party and you wake up a few days later with track marks on your arms, having been raped who knows how many times.

It took us about two weeks to finally locate this teen. She had lost so much weight she was almost unrecognizable. During our search efforts we had guns put to our heads, had gotten in countless amounts of arguments and fights, had been threatened by law enforcement and my shiny car had incurred some dents.

Now before everyone loses their mind over the law enforcement comment, let me expand on that. There are so many awesome officers we have had the pleasure of encountering during our time investigating sex trafficking. The majority of them are in it for the right reasons. A few bad apples should not ruin the orchard. I figured I would clear that up before the backlash begins.

When we did locate her she was over one hundred miles away from where she originally resided. The heat we put on the street made her a risk to them. Thankfully instead of hurting or killing her they decided to drop her at a gas station. This girl had been so badly drugged she couldn’t even tell me her name.

The police were called and she was safely taken to the sheriffs office as we all awaited her mother to arrive.

There are of course an enormous amount of details I left out. I will save them for a book, someday when I have the time to write one.

The main suspect was related to a drug task force agent, who had no idea what his brother was doing. The suspect killed himself a few days later. Justice served, I suppose. I would have rather he didn’t and we could have found out who else was involved but such was not the case.

We came across so many teens that were runaways and wound up in similar situations. I just decided to use that one for no special reason.

Parents Selling Their Children – Who in their right mind would do something like that? Well I thought the same thing. This is another tricky case with many details being withheld. Imagine however if you could a mother being on an online buy and sell site and not only selling herself but her ten year old daughter. Her daughters first experience was a three-some with an older man. What makes it even worse is her older sister was told to bring them to a home and drop them off and the mother would call her when they were ‘finished’. Do not for a moment think dad had no involvement in this because nothing could be further from the truth. Dad who was a meth addict actually molested his daughters most of their lives. Then mom stepped in and decided to get them into prostitution.

This child was sold to a well known gang in Atlanta and when she was located she was in a motel room with video equipment being filmed for a movie. The feds got involved and she was moved to an undisclosed location. The suspects were arrested. Unfortunately being scared she decided for whatever reason to run away from where she was and was located two more times. Once with her mother in south Georgia. From what we learned, the mother was forcing her to have sex with the mothers boyfriend. Her mother and I were in touch when she had gone missing that time and mom told me that she had no idea where her daughter could possibly me. Well, I phoned her job and they disclosed that the mother never even let them know that her daughter was missing. That in and of itself sparked my interest and low and behold a caring officer staked out the home and found the daughter in the mothers home a few nights later.

Online Activity – This is by far becoming the biggest issue of them all. Social media and chat rooms. There are so many apps out there, they come out daily and good luck keeping track of them all. You can be anyone you want to be online. Sad, but true. A 20,30,40,50 or even 60 year old man can pose as a 15 year old. They groom, manipulate, find out everything they need to and then one day it happens. All I can say is monitor what your kids do online and on their phones.

A case we worked, a 13 year old was on a social media site, speaking to someone she thought was her age. Within the span of two months, this person knew what school she went to, what softball position she played, what time the bus dropped her off, when her parents came home, her address and what cars everyone at the home drove. She thought she was meeting this boy one afternoon to get ice cream and then come home. Well a man shows up at the home, tells her the line at the ice cream place is very long so he left his son there to wait on the line. Unsuspecting she got in the vehicle. When she was located two months later, she had scars where she was burnt with cigarettes, irons, beaten, drugged and sex trafficked.

Parties – What teen doesn’t like a good party? It is the thing to do. Except when those parties have alcohol and drugs at them and shady people. Some teens go missing that evening but most of the time, the party is only a grooming station to get information of where they live, phone number and social media contact. The rest will come into play as the days, weeks and months progress.

Do you know when the most children are sex trafficked ? During major sporting events. Yes, its true.

Did you know that it is not uncommon for a sex trafficker to put a child on a plane and fly them across the country to sell them for sex and fly them back that evening or the next day?

Why don’t these children just run away from the trafficker or call the law? It is not that easy. Remember when I touched on grooming? Well grooming is the beginning of getting the child. Then comes gorilla pimping. The beating, torture, rape and manipulation. These children are told if they run their families will be killed, they will be killed. The are beaten within inches of their lives. They are told the police are on their side. Now, that may not be true but would you roll the dice on that one? If you run you die, if you don’t perform you die, if you tell anyone you die. Those are very common statements that these children are told. Of course we can change the word ‘you’ to ‘your family’. Let us not forget the drugs that they are forced to take. Some are even starved for days or weeks. Locked in a room, forced to drink water out of a dog bowl, chained up. The deepest, darkest scenario applies.

Abductions – These are unfortunately becoming more and more common. This is a very difficult scenario to combat. Never leave your kids alone sounds good in theory but we all know its not possible. The best defense on abduction is education. No one wants to discuss this with a child but unfortunately now a days we must. We saw a significant rise in abductions just within our case load in 2019 and is continued right into 2020. The problem with abductions is they are stealing infants, new born babies, teens and adults.

Sex trafficking has so many variables. This blog could go on for months. We have to be aware, not only for our children but as adults as well. Don’t leave the bar with some stranger. Don’t set up a date online and go on that date by yourself. Bring a friend. Perps are less likely to abduct when there are a few people around. Make sure you always have your phone with you, and it is charged. Familiarize yourself with the phones built in emergency system to summon help if needed. Download life360 and put yourself in a ‘circle’ with your family and friends. Remember you can text 911 in most states now. You can also call and order a pizza. Dispatch is trained to know you are in trouble if you order a pizza when you dial 911. Tell friends and family where you are going.

Before ending this blog, I have to touch on this. Recently a college student was abducted at a gas station. A husband and wife watched the abduction happen. The wife told the husband not to get involved. They walked back to their hotel room and enjoyed their evening. The college student was raped and murdered. Look, I am not saying to put your life at risk, but, my God get a tag number, take a photo, call 911. Do something! Don’t be a darn coward and do like this moron did and walk away. Him and his wife cost a college student her life. I hope they get to read this blog and know that I believe it can be agreed upon that this man has no backbone and both of you should be ashamed of yourselves, for not stepping up.

Thank you for reading and please comment with questions and I will attempt to answer them as soon as I can.

Stay Safe and God Bless.

Paul – Founder & International President – Bikers Against Abuse International

Georgia Girl – BAA Search & Rescue Mission

Just letting everyone know hobie has been found and at a vet getting checked. The Vet said getting fluids and few good meals and some rest the pup will be fine!

Just going to share a few clips of Georgia Girl from today. A Border Collie went missing that is a service dog for an autistic teen. We reached out to the owner and asked if we could come out and search for the pup.

Georgia Girl Tracking Clip

The pooch has been missing for four days and it has rained two days so it wasn’t easy to get a scent to trail, although Georgia Girl did very well. We were able to get a good track which wound us up on a roadway. Unfortunately we were fighting daylight and had to call the search for the evening.

Hopefully someone will see the pooch in Senoia Georgia and he will he returned to the owner.

Georgia Girl Tracking Clip
This was our end point in the woods
End point in woods close to a hunting tent enclosure
GEORGIA locates some dog poop by this tree close to where our scent ends in the woods and turns us back toward the logging trail
That was Georgia’s look of slow down as she appears to be staring at the odometer.

If you are around the Couch Road area of Senoia, please keep your eyes open for HOBIE. Hobie is a very friendly dog and may have possibly been picked up by someone. This family is heartbroken and they are offering a reward. It shouldn’t be about the reward though, think of the child who Hobie is a service dog for. We went out there and searched for free, because it’s the right thing to do. If you see Hobie, Please also do the right thing. or 470-633-5632 all tips are confidential and anonymous.

Woman Admits to Lying Saying she was Sex Trafficked

Update: 2/2/2020

Bikers Against Abuse International was just advised that Shannon McKinney was not being held as a sex slave. Rather she lied to avoid being arrested for electricity theft.

Original post has been retracted. Hopefully McKinney will be fully prosecuted for her lies.

If you have any information regarding this case, contact the Brookside Police Department at 205-674-9275.

Shannon McKinney LIED !

On Saturday, February 1st: Brookside Police reported that a man had turned himself in and was under arrest for warrants on previous charges from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office for Failure to Appear, Burglary, Theft and Obstruction of Justice. No charges have been filed against Williams in the ongoing prostitution case at this time, says BPD.

The Brookside Police Department is searching for two men after finding a woman who they believe was drugged and forced to have sex with men for more than a year.

Police said the investigation began Thursday afternoon when they received a report of utility theft at a house in the 100 block of Church Street. Police said a man ran from the house after making contact with a utility theft investigator. Officers arrived at the scene and located the woman inside.Advertisement

“The residence was in horrible condition with no running water or utilities,” Chief Mike Jones said in a news release. “Upon further investigation officers discovered the female was a victim who was drugged and forced against her will to have sex with numerous unknown males in exchange for money, drugs, or stolen goods for more than a year.”

Brookside PD said a sex trafficking victim was found a house on Church Street.

Brookside Police Department

“The suspects were unlawfully using the abandoned residence and found a way to illegally wire the structure with power which led investigators to the residence,” Jones said. “Investigators worked through the night to identify the suspects and gather evidence in this case.

“At approximately 12:15pm the Brookside Tactical Operations Unit and Investigators executed a search warrant on the suspect residence. Officers located a large amount of syringes, stolen credit cards and property, and narcotic paraphernalia. The suspects were not in the residence at the time of warrant execution.”

Brookside PD Logan Tray Williams, left, (ARRESTED) and Steven Paul Joseph Hollier, right. (WANTED)

The two suspects were identified as Logan Williams and Steven Hollier. Investigators are still working to identify “every one of the suspects who sexually assaulted the victim.”

Anyone with information about this case should call Brookside PD at 205-674-9275.

“We would like to remind the public the threat of human trafficking, kidnapping, sexual abuse, and drug abuse in our society is real,” Jones said. “It is here. It is next door. It is across the street. It is everywhere. No community is immune to the threat. Be educated, vigilant, and protect yourself from becoming a victim. Stand with us in our fight for justice and always report suspicious activity to law enforcement.” All tips are confidential and anonymous

Austin man wanted on child sex crimes could be in San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO – The Lone Star Fugitive Task Force is searching for Zachary George Harris, 23.

Zachary George Harris

In April 2019, a warrant was issued for Harris’ arrest on four counts of continuous sexual abuse of a child.

“The indictment alleged that Harris sexually assaulted a child multiple times through physical force and contact,” said Deputy U.S. Marshal Chris Bozeman.

The victim was under the age of 14 years old.

Harris’ last known place of residence was in Austin, but authorities believe he could be in San Antonio.

Call the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force at 210-657-8500 if you have any information that can lead to Harris’ arrest. – All tips are confidential and anonymous

Brandon Simmons – Online Predator

This is the sack of shit who brought his 4 month old to meet a 15 year old yesterday in Pottstown, PA.
He wouldn’t get out of the car and pulled off when approached.

Brandon Simmons

This is why we stress to parents, you must monitor what your children are doing online. Just because they are teenagers does not mean they can not be tricked and manipulated.

Let me explain this the best I can. As a teenager their brains work like a stereo system on mono not stereo. Meaning, they do not process the entire situation. Here is a good example. As an adult if a stranger offered to take you to the mall and buy you designer clothing and jewelry, your first thought would be: what does he want in return. Now to a child, their thought is wow this is a really nice person, letting me buy these things.

We must also remember these predators “groom” their victims. The “date” is mostly not set right away. It could be days, weeks, even months before they arrange it.

Your child is lucky to get out of the situation with only having to engage in sex with that one person. Many of these predators will perform sexual acts and then sell your child for sex. Your child then becomes a victim of sex trafficking.

Think your child can just call you or the police? Think again, Pimps and Traffickers has horrible tactics to make your child comply. Gorilla pimping is one of the most known tactics. Rape, beatings, inducing them with drugs. Threatening them with harm coming to their family. The list continues.

Long gone are the days, for the most part, of having children walk the streets to solicit sex. Most is now done online through apps, the dark web, social sites and contact through agencies that buy and sell children all day every day.

So who do they run to? Who do they tell? How do they get out? Great question! Many die and never make it home.

Yes a good percentage of sex trafficked and labor trafficked children are runaways however many also come from these predators.

Even if the child is not sexually trafficked, just the fact that an adult has taken the innocence from a child is traumatic. Add to that if the child becomes pregnant, gets an STD. How about the child tells the predator they are telling someone?

It would be like backing the nicest cat into a corner. They will come out hissing and scratching to get out. Don’t think a predator will not kill to not get caught. It happens every single day. We see this daily. Yes, the statistics are that high.

Let us face reality, we are living in a world where not too many people fear God any longer. We are living in a world where evil is all around us. Where parents are having sex with children as young as one year old. Where places we entrust our children to be safe at is where they are molested. It is difficult to be a parent and not be overbearing. We want our children to enjoy life. Heck remember back to when we were young, we wanted freedom.

The issue becomes how do we one hundred percent safe guard our children? We monitor what they do, we monitor their online actions, we have to do whatever it takes. The best prevention is education. It’s difficult to have to explain to a child what exists now a days but it’s surely better they know then they become a statistic.

Do you know someone who is being trafficked? Do you know a sex predator soliciting children? If so, we want to hear from you. Every email, every tip, every phone call is one hundred percent confidential and you can request to remain anonymous. It only takes a few minutes to send that tip or call it in.

International Tip Hotline 470-633-5632

Bikers Against Abuse International is a registered domestic non-profit organization.

Alexis Camacho – Fayetteville Georgia- Arrested for beating up a 7 month old infant

Alexis Camacho

Camacho, 27, was charged with aggravated assault and first-degree cruelty to children.

Alexis Camacho, from Fayetteville Georgia, has been arrested on charges of aggravated assault and cruelty to children related to a Jan. 22 incident involving a 7-month-old while the infant was in his care.

Fayetteville Police Department spokesperson Ann Marie Burdett said that officers from the police department, at approximately 3:49 p.m., responded to Piedmont Fayette Hospital in reference to a 7-month-old female infant who had been admitted to the Emergency Department with severe injuries to the face, including bruises, scrapes and what appeared to be a rash around her eyes.

Shortly thereafter, the child was transported by ambulance to Egleston Hospital for further care and was later released, Burdett added.

“Based on police investigations, it appeared that the injuries to the infant were allegedly sustained while she was in the custody of the suspect Alexis Camacho,” Burdett said. “Alexis Camacho was providing childcare for the infant while the child’s mother was at work. It is unclear at this time what was used to cause the injuries to the child.”

Burdett said Camacho was arrested on Jan. 28. 2020.

Bikers Against Abuse International will continue to follow this case and provide updates and court appearances.

Paighton Houston Case Update: FREDRICK HAMPTON charged with abuse of corpse has been captured in Ohio by U.S. Marshals

Fredrick Hampton, the man sought in connection with the disappearance of a Trussville woman is now in custody.

The U.S. Marshals Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Task Force has been searching for the Brighton man since shortly after the warrant against him was issued earlier this month. The U.S. Marshals Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force captured Hampton. He was taken into custody at 7:30 p.m., said Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Cliff LaBarge.

Fredrick Hampton, a 50-year-old man charged with abuse of corpse after Paighton Houston’s body was found in a shallow Hueytown grave, was taken into custody Wednesday night in Cleveland, Ohio.

Fredrick Hampton

The U.S. Marshals Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Task Force has been searching for the Brighton man since shortly after the warrant against him was issued earlier this month. The U.S. Marshals Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force captured Hampton. He was taken into custody at 7:30 p.m., said Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Cliff LaBarge.

Hampton was arrested at a residence on Eastwood Boulevard in Garfield Heights. Authorities had to breach the door at which point they held their position and called for Hampton to exit. A short time later, Hampton gave up and was taken into custody. He is being held in the Cuyahoga County Jail. 

Hampton, a convicted sex offender, is not charged in Houston’s death, only with actions authorities say he took following her death, which in this case would be burying her. The Jefferson County Sheriffs Office on January 16 announced the felony warrant against Hampton and, along with U.S. Marshals, have been searching for him since the warrant was obtained.

The Coroners Office has not yet determined the cause and manner of Houston’s death. They are awaiting the results of additional testing, including toxicology, before the report is complete. The testing takes four to six weeks. Authorities said there was no physical trauma to Houston’s body that would have led to her death.

Paighton Houston

Houston vanished Dec. 20. She was last seen at Tin Roof in the 2700 block of Seventh Avenue South in Birmingham’s Lakeview District.. According to Birmingham police, she left the bar about 10:45 p.m. with two heavy-set black males. Sgt. Johnny Williams said it was reported that Houston left the location willingly with the two men.

Tin Roof Bar

She had reportedly gone to the Birmingham bar with co-workers. Friends on Facebook said Houston didn’t know the men and that the last text message from her to a coworker – about two hours after she left Tin Roof – stated she didn’t know where she was, and she felt she might be in trouble. She had sent multiple messages to her co-worker, the last one reading, “Idk who im with so if I call please answer. I feel in trouble.” That text was sent at 12:15 a.m. Dec. 21 but not seen by her coworker until nearly two hours later.

“We have evidence the victim and the offender were together the night of Dec. 20, 2019,” said Sheriff’s Office Deputy Chief David Agee in an earlier press conference. “We have evidence the victim died the next day at a house on McClain Street in Brighton. We have evidence that after the victim died, her body was disposed of in a criminal manner by Fredrick Hampton.”

The body of the 29-year-old Houston was found Friday, Jan. 3, wrapped in sheets and buried in a shallow grave behind the house at 215 Chapel Drive. That house belongs to relatives of Hampton.

Crime Scene Where Houston Was Located

According to Alabama law, a person commits the crime of abuse of a corpse if he or she knowingly treats a human corpse in a way that would “outrage ordinary family sensibilities.” It is a Class C felony.

Hampton was initially held in the Birmingham City Jail on a 48-hour extension on suspicion of kidnapping beginning Saturday, Dec. 28, but was released two days later because investigators did not have enough to charge him with any crime.

Agee said investigators have determined Houston was with Hampton on Dec. 20, 2019 and Dec. 21, 2019. She died on Dec. 21 at a house on McClain Street in Brighton, he said. Asked if Houston was with Hampton willingly and voluntarily, Agee said, “We are saying they were together. There is no evidence there was any force.”

Hampton was previously convicted in 1992 on first-degree rape and first-degree sodomy charges out of Jefferson County. He served 20 years, five months and 26 days in prison before his release on March 22, 2012. He was also charged with kidnapping, but that charge was dismissed.

Details about those March 5, 1991 crimes weren’t immediately available but a sex offender notification states “the offender, along with seven other men, committed rape Rape 1st and Sodomy 1st on an adult female.”

Shortly after the completion of his prison sentence, Hampton was arrested again for failure to provide authorities with his new address, which is required by law for convicted sex offenders. He pleaded guilty to that charge in September 2012 and received a two-year suspended sentence.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

North Carolina – I Want The POS That Murdered This K9

Coon Hound Dakota Found Shot Dead

He was kidnapped on August 28, 2019 at 11 a.m.

Update: 1/31/2020 From tips received it is believed the people who kidnapped the dogs intention was to use Dakota (the Coon Hound) to hunt coons. What they were however not aware of was Dakota would only hunt for the young boy. We suspect they then tried to use Dakota to track down deer and when he did not at the end of deer season they killed the dog.

We also found out that the “clover leaf” where he was dumped is known for the dumping of dogs after the season is over. If the dogs do not perform to their owners liking they are killed and dumped there. The clover leaf I am referring to is the interstate 95 connect and is a huge clover leaf.

Now someone saw Dakota hunting this past season and someone has a description and maybe even a name of who was hunting him. This is larger than we originally thought. There are countless amounts of dogs being dumped at that clover leaf. There is a fence for wildlife around the clover leaf. That fence shields the animals from the highway. There are cameras all around the clover leaf and that is being looked into presently. Again all tips are confidential and anonymous.

This Coon Hound was stolen from Wallace North Carolina. The hound was found right after Christmas. Believed he was killed Christmas Morning. The hound had a blue collar on.

Someone driving on i95 saw him dead on the side of the rd. His head was on the white line and the cars were swerving around him. A man stopped to move him off the rd . The driver also said he saw he had a collar on him so he looked and it had the owners phone number on it. The driver was a dog lover and was heart broken when he saw him there.

Dogs Collar Dakota was wearing

There was about a 100 mile radius from where he was taken from to where he was found shot to death. A 1 hour 40 minute drive.

Tips have led us to believe someone from Lumberton or Pembroke North Carolina is responsible for this.

Dakota and his handler

This is a despicable act of violence. This young boy and his dad are absolutely heart broken.

The owner is offering a large reward but it shouldn’t be about the money. If someone would kill an innocent animal, think of what they would do to a child or woman.

Dakota was an award winning Coon Hound

As always all tips are confidential and anonymous. or 470-633-5632. All I want is a name or names of who is responsible.

Dakota found shot to death

You can be mad at a dog, yell at them or whatever and that dog will always show you unconditional love. There is no excuse for this. NONE! Any of you that know me, know I hate abusers, predators, molesters and animal abusers.

Imagine being that boy and knowing his dog was shot and killed on a Christmas Day. If that doesn’t piss you off enough to share this and seek justice, you have no soul.

If your reading this and you had any part in this just know we’re coming and you have a lot of explaining to do, not only to us but to that family as well. We will find you ….. we always do! Best do your research and check into our track record.

Jacob Blair Scott – ARRESTED RAPE of his own 14 yr old Step-daughter

UPDATE – IN CUSTODY – 1/31/2020

John Blair Scott Arrested

Scott was arrested at a campground he was living at in Antlers, Oklahoma.

Update: 1/29/20 1846 hrs. Possibly in Colorado, Texas or Tennessee

A Mississippi man who is accused of faking his own death to avoid a child rape charge has been added to the U.S. Marshals Service’s 15 Most Wanted fugitives list.

A reward of up to $25,000 is offered for information that leads to the arrest of Jacob Blair Scott, 43.

Scott faces a 14-count indictment charging him with sexual battery, touching a child for lustful purposes and exploitation of a child. The case involves his 14-year-old stepdaughter he sexually assaulting and impregnating.

Scott, who was out of jail on bond, failed to appear for a scheduled court hearing in July 2018. Shortly afterward, investigators found a dinghy belonging to Scott abandoned off the coast of Orange Beach, Alabama, authorities said.

Investigators found a gun and a note aboard the boat, but little forensic evidence to support suicide, marshals said in a news release. A weeklong search of the Gulf of Mexico failed to produce Scott’s body, authorities said.

Authorities later discovered that Scott had withdrawn $45,000 from a bank account before his disappearance, marshals said. The money has never been recovered.

Marshals said Scott is a survivalist and a military veteran who received a Purple Heart in 2011 for injuries he suffered while deployed in Iraq. His military background and knowledge of the outdoors may enable him to live off the grid, investigators said.

Scott is 5 feet, 10 inches tall, weighs 225 pounds and has tattoos of a machete knife, scorpion and a compass with feathers.

There have been reported possible sightings of Scott in Mississippi, Colorado, Nevada and Louisiana.

Anyone with information regarding Scott’s whereabouts is asked to call the U.S. Marshals Service communications center at 1-877-WANTED-2, or online at


Update: Investigators: Subject of Miami-area Amber Alert found dead in Pasco County; BABY IS STILL MISSING

Florida Amber Alert

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has issued an Amber Alert for a father and baby who’ve been missing since three women were found shot to death.

Miami-Dade police say officers had been searching for 49-year-old Ernesto Caballeiro since three women were found shot and killed in a home on 187th Avenue.

Wednesday morning’s alert says 1-week-old Andrew Caballeiro was missing.


PLEASE SHARE! #FLAMBER Alert for Andrew Caballeiro, 1 week old male, last seen Miami. May be w Ernesto Caballeiro, Contact law enforcement immediately. Call Miami-Dade PD at 305-471-2400 or 911.

The father is related to at least one of the women but has not been named as a suspect.

Father was found dead, baby still missing!

Nationwide Search for Rape of 5 yr old Roberto Alvarez

FARGO, N.D. Police across the country are on the lookout for a North Dakota man who’s accused of sexually assaulting a 5-year-old.

Thirty-six-year-old Roberto Alvarez is charged with two counts of aggravated rape.

Alvarez is originally from Minto, ND, but has connections to the Fargo-Moorhead and Grand Forks areas.

He also goes by the names Roberto Sanchez and Carlos Sanchez.

If you spot him, call your local law enforcement right away.

Malcolm Rhodes – Sexual Predator – Georgia

Malcolm Jamal Rhodes, the DJ who played numerous youth events in Henry and surrounding counties, sat silently through his preliminary hearing as a Henry County Police detective said Rhodes allegedly confessed to a Sept. 7 sexual encounter with a teenage boy in the child’s home and that there may be additional victims.

Malcolm Rhodes

Rhodes is charged with child molestation and sexual battery.

Detective Damici Gray of HCPD’s Special Victims Unit testified that, during a Nov. 22 interview at police headquarters after Rhodes had been taken into custody, “Mr. Rhodes denied the allegation. However, he did admit to the behavior, he did admit that the incident occurred as the child said it did.”

Gray said the boy disclosed details of the alleged incident to a forensic interviewer Nov. 21 at the Southern Crescent Sexual Assault Center.

According to Gray, Rhodes met the boy at Starlite Family Fun Center, where Rhodes worked as a DJ, and that there was “also some type of friendship or relationship with the family and victim.”

Rhodes and the boy had been in contact via Snapchat, Gray said, and the boy had wanted to buy a pair of AirPods earpieces from Rhodes. Gray said Rhodes refused to sell the AirPods to the boy, instead allegedly suggesting he trade sexual favors for them.

Gray testified that Rhodes allegedly drove over to the boy’s house, where the boy let him in. Then, Gray told the court, Rhodes went to the boy’s bedroom, where he allegedly masturbated, touched the boy inappropriately and had the boy touch him. Gray added that a neighbor noticed Rhodes’ gray Nissan Rogue in the driveway and called the father, who called the son. At the time, Gray said, the boy claimed Rhodes had mistakenly showed up a week early for a party. On Nov. 12, however, he told his father about the alleged incident and the father called police.

In a follow-up interview that had taken place Dec. 10 “in this room right here,” Gray said that Rhodes “advised that the information that he provided in the first interview was correct” and that he “indicated possibly three or four additional victims that he had the same type of relationship with.” However, Gray said Rhodes did not offer any names.

Rhodes’ attorney, Brad Moody, asked whether an attorney had been present during the second interview, which Gray said had been audio recorded. Gray said no, that Rhodes had already been read his Miranda rights and had waived them.

“Were you aware he had already been through court and was appointed an attorney in November?”

“No,” Gray responded.

Moody asked whether police had recovered any DNA linking Rhodes to the scene.

“No, just the confession by Rhodes that he had molested the victim.”

Moody then asked whether the victim’s father, who called police, had given a description of the vehicle Rhodes allegedly had driven. Gray said that he had. Moody then asked whether the father had reported a license plate number.

“Nah, I doubt it,” Gray replied. “When I interviewed Rhodes, he said he’d gotten out of there pretty fast,” adding that Rhodes commented he’d figured the neighbor had reported his car.

Moody asked Judge Donnie Patten to grant Rhodes bond, saying his client was not a flight risk as “a lifelong resident of Henry County, he’s gainfully employed, he has no criminal history, he has sufficient family ties.” He added that Rhodes could be ordered to stay away from the alleged victim and submit to electronic monitoring.

Finding probable cause to send the case to Superior Court, Patten denied Moody’s request, adding, “You can file for bond in Superior Court.”

Members of Bikers Against Abuse were present in the courtroom during the hearing. “This was a wonderful holiday present to know that Rhodes will not be spending the holidays on the street,” said Paul Michael in a post on the group’s Facebook page.

“Thank you to the families that appeared today for the court hearing. I know it was difficult for you to be in that courtroom today.”

Bikers Against Abuse wants to thank Robin Kemp from the Henry Herald for covering the story. Bikers Against Abuse has been working this case and will continue to do so. 

If you have any information regarding Rhodes please contact your local Sheriffs Department.

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David William Livery

Although we can not release too much information regarding this case. David William Livery is in the Henry County Jail.

While attending the Malcolm Rhodes probable cause hearing, we encountered Livery’s case. Livery is accused of molestation and sodomy of his toddler daughter.

We caught a ton of slack from the family of Livery for posting information regarding him. After consulting with our legal team, we were given clearance to post him. His mother had called us requesting that the post be taken down. We did not comply. We were informed of information regarding other family members and posted that information, which was posted by the Georgia Bureau of Investigations and is public information but because it is not directly connected to the current charges against Livery, we will refrain from posting that information.

David William Livery

During the probably cause hearing, held at the Henry County Georgia Sheriffs Department Jail courtroom, the Judge found probable cause to deny bond for Livery.

The victims injuries in this case are absolutely sickening. To not jeopardize this case, we do not want to reveal specifics in the case. We will say that the evidence and description of what he sexually did to this child, only a complete monster would do.

We will be attending the court hearings against Livery and once evidence is presented we will update this post.

We would ask that you please keep the mother of this young child and her family in your prayers. The mother has been separated from the father and was when this crime occurred. The child was with Livery for visitation at the time the crime occurred. The mother contacted authorities as soon as the discovery was made.

Ex-boyfriend who died by suicide named suspect in Stephanie Parze murder

As always it is never easy to post updates such as this. May her family find peace in their hearts.

The ex-boyfriend of 25-year-old Stephanie Parze who vanished last October, was named Monday as a suspect in her murder. However, he won’t be prosecuted as he died by apparent suicide months ago.

Parze, of Freehold Township, New Jersey, was last seen on Oct. 30, sparking a months-long search organized by her grief-stricken parents. Her body was found in a wooded area of nearby Old Bridge on Sunday afternoon, according to officials.

PHOTO: Edward Parze stands next to a large sign Nov. 18, 2019, outside his Freehold home that asks his missing daughter Stephanie to come home. (Thomas P. Costello/ Asbury Park/USA Today Network, FILE)
PHOTO: Edward Parze stands next to a large sign Nov. 18, 2019, outside his Freehold home

Parze’s ex-boyfriend, John Ozbilgen, who was initially named a person of interest in her disappearance, was arrested on unrelated child pornography charges in November.

Investigators zeroed in on Ozbilgen in early-to-mid November, but were waiting for some “evidence to come though,” including de-encrypting cellphones, Monmouth County Prosecutor Christoper Gramiccioni said at a news conference on Monday.

Then, Ozbilgen was found dead on Nov. 22.

Stephanie Parze

Police searching for missing 25-year-old woman

Stephanie Parze was last seen at her home in Freehold Township, N.J., on the night of Oct. 30, according to a statement from the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office.

Investigators did find a suicide note which Gramiccioni said “reaffirmed” Ozbilgen’s “responsibility” for her death.

In the note, he wrote “he had had enough and that he could not do life in prison” and that “this was the only choice,” Gramiccioni said (it was not clear what “this” was referring to).

Ozbilgen wrote that what his parents would hear in the news was true, except for the child pornography charges, Gramiccioni said.

PHOTO: John Ozbilgen, ex-boyfriend of missing Stephanie Parze, reads a note as he leaves State Superior Court in Freehold, N.J., Nov. 19, 2019. (Asbury Park Press via USA Today Network, FILE)
PHOTO: John Ozbilgen, ex-boyfriend of missing Stephanie Parze, reads a note as he leaves State Superior Court in Freehold, N.J., Nov. 19, 2019. (Asbury Park Press via USA Today Network, FILE)

However, “in that note he never disclosed where he disposed of Stephanie’s remains,” Gramiccioni said.

While the Parze family “was aware of our investigative conclusions,” Gramiccioni said, “we held off on notifying the public because we were still working on finding Stephanie.”

PHOTO: Volunteers gather, Nov. 21, 2019, to search for Stephanie Parze in a wooded area near her Freehold Township house. (Keith Schubert, Asbury Park Press/USA Today Network)
PHOTO: Volunteers gather, Nov. 21, 2019, to search for Stephanie Parze in a wooded area near her Freehold Township house.

No one other than Ozbilgen is believed to be involved, Gramiccioni said.

Parze’s cause of death has not yet been confirmed by the medical examiner’s office, Gramiccioni said.

Parze was last seen around 10 p.m. on Oct. 30 when she left her mother’s house to drive the few miles home, family spokesman David Mound told ABC News in November.

“She actually sent out a Snapchat when she was on the way home, which is the last communication that we have from her,” Mound said.

Prosecutors believe Ozbilgen killed her in the early hours of Oct. 31, Gramiccioni said.

“Our family is devastated,” Parze’s father, Ed Parze, said at Monday’s news conference, overcome with emotion.

Ed Parze said his family plans to launch a foundation to bring “awareness to battered women and missing people,” he said, calling it “an epidemic.”

“Our lives are never gonna be the same,” Ed Parze said, but he added, “Stephanie is home, she is coming home at last.”

Denying Bond & Safety

No matter what crime is committed against a person, when the police arrive and arrest the person a sense of relaxation occurs. It is a feeling of safety and knowing that the person is now in custody. The issue however comes when the perpertrator goes to court and has a bond hearing.

A bond hearing, also referred to as a first appearance in some states, is the determination by the judge if the offender is eligible for bond. If a bond is set and someone posts the money, or property that person is released from the jail.

There is a general rule to deny bond, which is not always used obviously. Here are those standards that should be followed:

When the person is a flight risk

A flight risk is a person who could potentially leave the city, state, or country and not return for his or her court appearances. If a defendant has a history of fleeing from the law, a judge could deny bail in order to keep the person in jail and prevent him or her from running. A person who displays erratic behavior can be flagged as a flight risk as well, as can a non-US citizen who could easily skip out and return to his or her home country.

When it’s a repeat offender

If a defendant who’s already on parole gets charged with a secondary crime, the court can deny bail on the grounds that the person will willfully continue committing offenses while free. A judge may keep such a defendant in jail until trial to protect the welfare of society.

When the person could pose a threat to others

If a defendant displays signs of instability, a judge will deny bail because the defendant could be a threat to him- or herself or others. In such cases, the defendant might be sent to a mental health treatment facility instead of being held in jail until trial. Regardless, bail is not offered to defendants who are flagged as potentially violent offenders.

When the crime is severe

Severe crimes, including manslaughter, murder, rape, etc., are treated differently than minor crimes and other less serious charges. Because they could be charged with the death penalty, suspects in these cases are not offered bail and must be kept in custody until a jury trial determines their guilt or innocence.

Once a person is released from custody there are limitations placed on that person. These limitations could be no contact, computer, phone, internet, mail. A protective order may also be put in place and sometimes even an ankle monitor. From experience however, the protective order does hardly nothing. It is a piece of paper that says stay away from …. Does it protect you your family? Absolutely not.

More victims are injured or worse killed after a protective order is issued. If the perp has the intent to harm you or your family a piece of paper is not going to stop them. So, what can you do to protect yourself or your family? For starters as long as you are allowed to own a firearm, obviously if your rights were removed you can not, I would urge you to purchase one. That being said, do not just go purchase a firearm and assume you know how to shoot and hit your target because it doesn’t work that way. You will need instruction and classes. As well I would recommend a gun safety class. Make sure if you purchase a firearm that you purchase a trigger lock if children or teens are in your residence. Even if they are not, it is a good idea if you decide to have company over.

You must be comfortable with your firearm. Hesitation will cause the gun to be taken from you and possibly used against you. If you are in fear for your life and pull that firearm it needs to be your intent to use it. Pulling it out and letting that person speak to you, approach you and disarm you, will possibly get you killed.

If a firearm is not an option, I would recommend taking a self defense course at your local police department or sheriffs office. Most all law enforcement agencies offer these classes for free or a small course. To further your self defense skills enroll in a martial arts class. Martial arts come in many different forms and it is all a matter of preference as to what you feel comfortable with. You will start at the basics and surely will not be Chuck Norris overnight. You have to start somewhere though.

What if you are in need of help and neither of the above are an option? Well, luckily mostly all 911 centers now have text 911 which is just as it states you can text 911. You can also call 911 and order a pizza. By doing so you will have alerted that communications center that you are in immediate need of help. Dispatchers are trained to react to the “pizza request” Most phones are also equipped with a 911 feature without actually dialing 911. Check with your phone manufacturer on how to do this, before it is time to use it.

Life 360 – We use this application for all of our case intake clients. It is an excellent way for us to keep tract of our clients during their case and if they choose after their court cases are completed. Life 360 also offers an emergency button which contacts everyone in your “circle” on the app.

Social Media – If you are attempting to hide from the perp the last thing you need to be on is social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat, etc. If you want to be found that how to do it. We catch 85% of our perps through social media so be wary of using it.

Taking Photos – When taking photos be careful because if your location settings are on they will show where it was taken and most have a latitude longitude attached. You know where they were taken so leave it that way. Turn it off.

Friends – People feed off of drama so don’t think for a minute that someone you thought was a friend will not disclose where you are at and then act as your best friend because they will. Sorry to break the bad news to you on that one.

Remember this – If the abuser was in a relationship with you or a friend they know what you do, when you do it. We are predictable. Think about it. You have a favorite gas station, favorite place to eat, get coffee at, favorite place to shop, get your hair done, nails. You may even go to the bank at the same time and day. Yes it will be difficult to rearrange your life but its better than winding up in the hospital or funeral home.

Work – Remember your spouse, boyfriend or whatever the case may be knows where you work and what time you arrive, eat lunch and leave. As embarrassing as it may be to let people at work know your situation, it just may save your life. Having co-workers know what is going on will be in your best interest. You do not need to disclose each and every detail but you do need to make people aware. When leaving work have someone walk you out to your vehicle and watch you leave. If you can carpool then definitely take advantage of that.

Not being alone – When you are in the company of another person the likelihood of a perp to intimidate or hurt you greatly decreases. Attempt to always have an adult with you.

Cell Phones – Cell phones are wonderful as long as they are charged. Make sure your phone is at least 50 percent charged at all times. The last thing you need is to find yourself in a situation with a phone that goes dead.

It is about being proactive and even though much of this may seem overwhelming it could very well save your life.

Thank You for reading and feel free to comment.

Paul – International President and Founder – Bikers Against Abuse International

There Are NO Excuses

Obviously I can not include either parties names for privacy reasons and it is an active case. Just follow along. A woman contacted us that her husband was beating her and molesting their child. It was unknown of the molestation and once she found out she contacted the authorities and us. We were able to get her moved to a crisis center with her child for safety reasons. Furthermore his dad bonded him out. Not even sure why he was granted a bond, another story for another day. Since our organization name was on the court paperwork he decided to contact us. This man has made every excuse in the book to justify both the constant abuse to his wife and the molestation. Since the daughter is 13 In his eyes she should have not left the door to the bathroom open when she was showering. Because his wife doesn’t make love to him on a regular basis he made a mistake. It however was his daughters fault for being naked in the bathroom and when he walks in the bathroom she “wanted it”. Wait it gets worse. The part of him abusing the wife is justified by him because she doesn’t prepare his meals properly and his clothing isn’t properly ironed and the house is cluttered. Furthermore she doesn’t satisfy him in the bedroom and stays up when he goes to sleep, which he believes means she is cheating on him.

The daughter has a different recollection of the events stating that yes the door was open to the bathroom which is located in her room but no one was expected to come over and only her and her dad were home. This was the first time he had molested her. Although no intercourse took place he did place his fingers inside of her and did perform oral sex on her. She was not forced to perform on him. He did hold her down and she did have bruises on both wrists her neck and the inside of her thighs.

The mother claims years of mental physical and sexual abuse. He believes since they are married he can force her to have sex without her approval. If she doesn’t agree he forces himself on her and takes it. She went through this for years until finding out what happened to the daughter. What made it without a doubt believable to the mother was that the dad told the daughter your mother likes when I probe her ass. According to the mother the dad says that in the bedroom to the mother all the time. Furthermore he likes to leave hickies in certain areas and the daughter had one in that same area. So yes mom did the right thing after years of beatings mental and sexual torture.

Dad – for lack of a better word, has called making physical and legal threats against us. What dad didn’t know is all our calls are recorded and will be used to prosecute him. He truly feels as if his actions are justifiable. On the molestation because he never penetrated her with his penis and on the a Abuse because according to him if she was a better wife none of this would have happened.

He is what I refer to as a phone Rambo. A person who talks big on the phone but has a tissue paper ass and no backbone to say anything face to face. We of course will not provoke any violence when we meet him at his court date. We will however bring the recordings into court along with the phone log. He did call off a text number but his voice is distinct enough to match. He did not alter his voice and his wife upon hearing his voice immediately knew who it was as did her mother and a family friend who will also be in court.

Had mom of left when the Abuse began we wouldn’t be here today with the daughters involvement however the court may have granted them joint custody so we can’t rule out the molestation may or may not have occurred. Get help as soon as it happens. Don’t wait there are so many organizations to help. We are not everywhere but we can reach out to other organizations to assist you and offer our resources to them as well to get you to safety and the perp prosecuted. It’s however up to you to reach out. Stay Blessed

Wanted Jory Worthen 2 Counts of Capital Murder

Let’s share and find this low life. $7000 Reward. Worthen Murdered 20 yr old Alyssa Cannon & 4 yr old Braydon Ponder.

Abduction FLORIDA – Woman Found Suspect at Large



The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is currently working a reported domestic related abduction in the area of West Edgewood Avenue and Moncrief Road. In the early morning hours of January 25, 2020, officers responded to a local residence and were advised that the victim was taken by force from the home at gunpoint. The suspect, Tyrone Davis, was said to have broken into the home through a rear window and displayed a black handgun. He then drug the victim, April B. McKinnon, by the hair out of the home and fled in an unknown vehicle.

The suspect has been identified as:
Tyrone Davis

The victim has been identified:
April McKinnon

Anyone who has any information in regards to the location of the suspect or victim is asked to contact the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office at 904-630-0500 or email us at To remain anonymous and receive a possible reward up to $3,000 contact Crime Stoppers at 1-866-845-TIPS.

James Moore – Sexual Child Abuse Arrest

It’s Never Too Late To Report It !

On November 20, 2019, a tip was received regarding a sexual child abuse case, that occurred in Pennsylvania. It was reported the victim was sexually abused approximately 10 years ago when she was between the ages of 4 and 7 years.

On December 4, 2019, a forensic interview was conducted with the victim at the Children’s Alliance Center (CAC). The victim disclosed as a young child she was sexually abused by James Moore.

Moore was subsequently interviewed by detectives with the Berks County District Attorney’s Office, at which time he admitted to having sexual intercourse with the victim. Moore admitted that he believed the victim at the time was approximately 7 or 8 years old when the sexual abuse occurred. The defendant also admitted to giving the victim five dollars to not tell anyone. This week, Berks County Detective’s Office filed criminal charges of Rape of a Child, Aggravated Indecent Assault, and Indecent Assault Person Less than 13 years against the defendant at Magisterial District Judge Kyley Scott’s office and an arrest warrant was issued for Moore.

On 1/22/2020 at approximately 4:30 P.M., members of the Berks County Detective’s Office apprehended Moore in the 600 block of Mulberry Street, City of Reading. He was immediately transported to the Central Processing Center and transferred to the custody of the Berks County Sheriff’s Department. A Preliminary Arraignment was held via video and Senior Magisterial District Judge Thomas H. Xavios set bail at $60,000 and the defendant was committed to Berks County Jail.

#jamesmoore James Moore – Sex Predator – Arrested

Jory Worthen – Part 2 – Wanted Double Homicide Arkansas

A 4 year old innocent little boy. Always a smile on his face, full of love, joy, happiness. I’m not talking about Worthen I’m speaking of Braydon Ponder. Imagine if you will being four years old and being punched in the head until you were dead. That’s how Braydon Ponders life ended.

Braydon Ponder Murdered at the hands of Jory Worthen #joryworthen

Marshall Braydon Ray Ponder, age 4, and his mother, Alyssa Cannon of Camden, Arkansas died Tuesday, June 25, 2019. He was born January 10, 2015 in Camden, Arkansas to Alyssa Cannon and Justin Ponder.

Now tell me what could a child have ever done to deserve that? Nothing ! Worthen is a monster, his acts despicable. Worthen was an employee of Aerojet. So where is Jory Worthen? Who is helping Jory Worthen and why? Well Montez Woods helped him by giving him cash and a firearm after the murders of both Braydon Ponder and his girlfriend Alyssa Cannon. A tip led to the arrest of Woods. Woods pled out and received probation under first offender. Worthen is still on the run.

Montez Woods #montezwoods

What makes it so unbelievable of Woods helping Worthen is the fact that Woods ate dinner with not only Alyssa Cannon but also with the entire Cannon family. He was assumed to be a family friend. Some friend he was. To harbor a man who murdered a twenty year old mother and her four year old son. Woods is as low as a snake belly. He isn’t worth the air he breaths. So, two innocent lives taken, a murderer on the run and this dirt bag gets probation. He’s walking the streets a free man. That’s not justice my friends that’s an insult to the family, the community and the justice system.

Alyssa Cannon #alyssacannon

The above photo is of Alyssa Cannon. A twenty year old mother who would never live to see her twenty first birthday. She would not be around to see her son turn five…. nor would he. Both vicious murders carried out by Jory Worthen. Alyssa has such a good heart. She allowed herself to be manipulated by Worthen. Worthen abused her in the past saying he would cut her throat and then kill himself. He hit her on multiple occasions, she filed a restraining order. He convinced her he changed. He didn’t change he turned into a murderer. Don’t let the deaths of Alyssa and Braydon be in vain. Let their loss of life inspire you to get out now. Alyssa never knew the man she loved would turn out to be the monster next to her in the bed.

Let’s move onto dirtbag Worthen

#joryworthen Jory Worthen

The vehicle pictured above was recovered abandoned in Seattle Washington at a Burger King Parking Lot and has since been returned to the mother of Alyssa Cannon. Notice Worthens distinctive tattoos. Worthen enjoys the outdoors, he is being helped by someone but who is the question. Worthen has been spotted in Louisiana, Kansas and Georgia but could be anywhere.

As the days continue we will keep adding more to this ongoing investigation. The Cannon family has become part of our family. They need closure and we need justice. $7000 is the current reward for Worthen but honestly money shouldn’t matter. Worthen is wanted on two counts of capitol murder. Don’t approach him if you see him. He has NOTHING to lose at this point.

Thank you for following this case. Please share

Jory Worthen – A Disturbing True Story of Two Murders – 20 Year Old Alyssa Cannon & 4 Year Old Braydon Ponder. Part 1

Before writing this blog which will contain many sections, I want to disclose that Bikers Against Abuse International was contacted after the murders by Mrs. Angela Cannon (mother of Alyssa Cannon and grandmother of Braydon Ponder) in assisting to locate Jory Worthen. The information contained in this blog will contain information we are currently allowed to release. Since Worthen is not yet in custody certain information will not be contained. As soon as we are able to do so we will. Worthen is currently wanted by the United States Marshall’s as well as the Camden a Police Department.

#joryworthen Jory Worthen Wanted

Alyssa Cannon a twenty year old female and her son, four year old Braydon Ponder were brutally murdered by Jory Worthen. I will be including many details into our investigation but want to at least catch everyone up as to what occurred. Worthen was Cannon’s boyfriend and not the biological father to Braydon Ponder. Alyssa and Jory had been dating and at some point the Jory she knew changed. It got so bad that Alyssa actually took out a restraining order against Worthen for him hitting her and stating he would cut her throat and then kill himself. Unfortunately like many others experiencing domestic violence, she too believed he had changed. Alyssa took Worthen back not knowing that doing so would cost her and Four year old Braydon their lives in June of 2019. #joryworthen #johnjoryworthen #bikersagainstabuseinternational #alyssacannon #braydonponder #trending #doublehomicide #bolo

Sex Trafficking 101

Back in 2012 I investigated sex trafficking. It was as big then as it is now. So what’s the difference? The difference is now it’s exposed. Back then it fell on deaf ears. No one wanted it exposed. Look to some of these people money being spent in the city no matter who it comes from is money. So they put aside the fact that children were being forced into prostitution. If this seems like hog wash to you, don’t let it. I speak the truth. Over the years and through social media it has been exposed. Exposure is key in fighting against any epidemic. Does it still happen? Of course it does. These lowlifes just find different ways to do it. When I investigated it pimps were putting them on back-page. Thank God that site was finally shut down but more were created. Social media is an awesome tool but it can also be dangerous. Pimps, predators and perps use social media to influence, manipulate and coerce young children. Next thing you know they are missing then trafficked. The outcome is never good. Be aware of what sites your children are on. Keep them off chat rooms. Monitor everything. Some parents tell us they feel as if they are invading their child’s space. Bet you won’t feel that way if your child wound up in the world of sex trafficking would you? An innocent child gorilla pimped, drugged, raped, made to sell their body. Think about it!

New Blog For Bikers Against Abuse International

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